Butterfly Effect: Those Beautiful Chaotic Life Changes

Butterfly Effect Butterfly Farm Stratford

I find it difficult, to believe in fate amongst the chaos but sometimes things fall so well into place that you it makes you wonder… What’s the cause? What if something along this path had changed and it sent me another way? It’s so strange to think of this butterfly effect – that there were a series of small seemingly unimportant events that changed my world, piece by piece.

Where to start with Anime Part 2: Dreamlike and Whimsical

Where to Start with Anime

Welcome to Part 2 of my guide on Where to start with Anime! Well done for making it this far. If you missed the first instalment then go back to Part 1 HERE for the Dramatic and the Dark ones. 

Depending on your mood, something intense might not be where you’re at. Sometimes, you might just want a good cry, or a laugh, or something entirely lighthearted.

This list is just for you.