Conclave of Chaos Review & Witch Cosplay Tutorial

I did something really cool recently that I’ve wanted to do for years but have never gotten the chance to. I am not nearly coordinated enough for LARP (Live Action Role Play) battles and they’ve always quite intimidated me. I have always wanted to explore playing a character… but fighting is just not for me. So imagine my absolute JOY when I found out about Conclave of Chaos!

The Witches’ Revival – A Weekend of Healing, History and Remembrance

This four-day festival aimed to commemorate the Pendle witches who were tried and killed in Lancaster in 1612, as hysteria and panic toward ‘witches’ rose. These women, and men, were not allowed to be mourned for; their whole families were eradicated in some cases, so we gathered to learn about them, remember them and in doing so heal and learn new things about ourselves and our connection with other women.