Celebrating Our 30th Birthday: Things I Share with the Game Boy

My 30th birthday has been overshadowed (just a little) this year, with the 30th anniversary of the Game Boy! I can’t believe it’s as old as I am! Yep, this 8-bit baby was released in April of 1989! I just wanted to write a little ode to the Game Boy and all the things we have in common.

This post contains a gifted cross-stitch pattern from an awesomely retro small business.

Game Boy 30th Birthday Game Boy Colour Nerd Blogger Writing Into The Ether

We are both 90’s Kids

Does anyone still have a Game Boy they can’t bear to sell? Just the pure nostalgia of this little handheld console is enough to spark a hundred memories of my childhood. I remember playing Mario and Tetris for hours! It has seen me through a lot of boring long distance journeys; trying desperately to get into the light of the streetlamps so I could see the screen. Oh, the days before back-lighting was a thing!

Game Boy 30th Birthday Game Boy Colour Pokemon Ocean Bomb

We were both made for Gaming

Whether that be tabletop gaming, or video games – I basically lose a lot of my life to games. It’s usually the nostalgic ones that I can really sink my teeth into and play over and over! You just can’t beat a good platformer or turn-based game! I wrote all about my top 9 games of all time here, and over half of them were on old consoles.

Game Boy 30th Birthday Game Boy Colour Nerd Blogger Writing Into The Ether

We both look better in Colour!

I can’t help but feel that when you take away my colours – my red hair, my purple glasses… it just doesn’t feel the same! It was only when the Game Boy Colour was released that I realised how much better things were in colour. Plus it meant I got into Pokemon too! (You kinda have to see the colours to appreciate it, I think!)

Game Boy 30th Birthday Game Boy Colour Nerd Blogger Writing Into The Ether

We are both Geeky AF

I mean, you can take my word for it… Or you could read more of my “Geeking out Loud” blog posts (Shameless plug.) I can’t help but love the geeky little things. When I had the good fortune to meet Kate over at Bright Light Stitch Co* at Stratford Comic Con I couldn’t help but be amazed by all the retro nerdy 80’s and 90’s cross stitch she’d lovingly created or patterned up. There’s everything from space invaders to ghetto blasters!

We came up with the perfect collab opportunity and she gifted me an epic Game Boy cross-stitch set! It was super easy to follow and although I don’t read instructions properly ever, she was super supportive, it was really easy to do and now I can’t wait to frame it! Also, if you don’t have the stitching skills you can buy pre-made ones too! A lovely little ode to an awesome handheld console!

Happy 30th Birthday Game Boy!


  1. Bright Lights Stitch Co
    2nd April 2019

    Well done you it’s looks great!

  2. Shane
    2nd April 2019

    Aww, happy birth year Game Boy! …and you too, Amy!
    I love these sort of posts especially :3

  3. Dee
    2nd April 2019

    Happy Birthday! I love that Cross Stitch kit so cute!

  4. I love this post! What a fun idea for a post! And Happy Birthday!

  5. Emma
    3rd April 2019

    Happy 30th birthday month Amy!!

    Emma | https://geekytourist.com

  6. Nat
    9th April 2019

    Aww Amy I loved this post so much! I didn’t realise the Game Boy was 30 this year. That’s crazy!!

    I remember getting my Game Boy from my brother in 1996 when he’d had enough of it, then a few years later to be gifted a Game Boy Color. 😛

    I love he cross stitch pattern too, it looks so simple to do and perfect for a beginner. 😀


    1. Amy_Ether
      10th April 2019

      Yay! Glad you like it <3
      Aww that's so sweet! I wish I had big brothers to get hand-me-downs from! GIVE ME YOUR CONSOLES!

  7. Emily Harrison
    14th April 2019

    30 will be a new era and as you get older I’m sure you agree you just feel better in aspects of life!

    90’s kids are the best and I miss my game boy! Pokemon yellow all the way!

    Hope you had a great year – great post Amy!

    1. Amy_Ether
      24th May 2019

      Awww, thanks for this! Love this comment x So annoying it only just came through!

  8. Kim
    13th August 2019

    Aww, Happy Birthday Amy… and to Gameboy. I really enjoyed reading this post. My Gameboy Colour still sits on my bookshelf with Pokémon Diamond in it currently. It’s still my favourite handheld console.

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