Critical Hit! My Top 10 Dungeons and Dragons Gifts for your Best Nerds

Ever wondered what to get for your friend who is into Dungeons and Dragons? Once I started playing D’n’D it totally changed my life in so many ways! I’ve seen so much love for the game across the internet and so I thought I’d pick my selection of the best Dungeons and Dragons Gifts!

Owl-bear Pin by Mythical Studios

I first saw these at Stratford Comic Con and LOVED their cute little D’n’D designs! Being quite new to D’n’D generally, I hadn’t come across some of the monsters (and now I am quite scared of that gelatinous cube…) but I had seen an owl-bear in my last session; I just HAD to have the pin!

Save a Cleric Pin by Atomic Pins

How many of you have been saved by a potion? Brought back from almost certain death by that lovely Cleric friend who cast a healing spell on you at the last second. I have… countless times. My dungeonsona likes getting into trouble!

D’n’D Stats Mug by MintMustard

When me and my friends play, the Sass and Sarcasm levels are too damn high! I bought one of these mugs for a friend recently because he just couldn’t stop running his mouth (in a nice way!)

Custom Mini by Bearded Brushstrokes

I was so happy when my good friend Mr Brushstrokes offered to make me a custom mini for my first dungeonsona – a rogue Wood-Elf called Regan. The quality of the paint-work is incredible considering the size of the model, and he even custom- made me a short bow! (You can see it at the top of the page!)

Potion of Healing Necklace by CasPollux

Another little potion themed gift for the healer in your life! May it help you in your time of need! CasPollux were kind enough to give my followers 15% this year using the exclusive code INTOTHEETHER – Go get em’!

D20 Earrings by Lissy Illustration

My friend bought me these as a gift myself, and they were SO lovely to receive. The detail on the wood is brilliant and I loved the colours! They’re available in lots of colours and are super cute!

Roll for Initiative T-Shirt by Qwertee

I absolutely love Qwertee for the design and quality of the t-shirts! I have way too many now… so I bought it for my DM for his birthday! You’ll probably recognise it from the post about his D’n’D tips! You can also get this design in enamel pin form from Atomic Pins!

D20 Cross Stitch Set by Bright Light Stitch Co

Another lovely find from Stratford Comic Con! I loved the little retro cross stitch kits from Bright Light Stitch Co. and decided to ask for a custom make of a D20 kit! I love this and just had to have a go straight away! I’m not the best at cross-stitch but even I enjoyed this!

AC Beanie Hat by Atomic Pins

I absolutely LOVE this question… It’s a great setup for “Does a 25 hit you?” Usually the answer is yes… you damn well know it does! My DM takes small pleasures in making us all groan in exasperation when we fail at doing epic things.

And if all else fails… just go for a new dice set!

This beautiful palette came from Mint and Mustard

So there you have it! My Top 9 Dungeons and Dragons Gifts! There is so much great stuff out there that it was so hard to pick! It seems that we nerds can be very creative too. I can’t wait to get more merch myself!


  1. Christopher Aaron
    26th February 2019

    A lovely post! I hope Regan can handle that Owlbear… I’m honoured to have my work displayed amongst such fine quality merch. Thank you.

    Bearded Brushstrokes

  2. Abbie
    26th February 2019

    I’ve never played dungeons and dragons game, but it’s something my husband might be interested in, will defo suggest it to him! X

  3. Mariah Kaercher
    26th February 2019

    I love the dice earrings.

  4. Andrew
    26th February 2019

    Very tempted by that owl-bear pin!

  5. Michelle | A Geek Girl's Guide
    27th February 2019

    I love that Owlbear pin! I know that Owlbears are not to be messed with, but I just like them so much.

  6. Shannon
    27th February 2019

    I’ve not played D&G but only heard about it thanks to Riverdale aha!

  7. Isobel
    28th February 2019

    This game is actually quite intriguing! These gifts are quite cool too!

    Isobel x

    New post:

  8. Emily
    28th February 2019

    I bought some decent DnD tees for my boyfriend at Christmas. One said “beware the smiling DM” from

  9. Boxnip
    3rd March 2019

    Oh wow, I LOVE that healing potion necklace!! 😀

    Sarah ? || Boxnip

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