Tamagotchi Parenting Chapter II – ‘Til Reset do us Part

When we last left my parenting journey, my beautiful digital Tamagotchi child was a day old and so full of life. I realised by this point I’d not given him a name. It’s almost like I didn’t care. But I did – I most definitely did.

For at least 7 more days.

Day 2: Such a well-behaved child!

Today is baby’s first holiday – I’ve brought him to a beautiful cottage in Cornwall and all seemed idyllic. He has all my daily attention, just as he deserves. He’s eating well and learning to not make too much noise otherwise he gets shouted at. Bliss. Also he’s grown a beak.

Tamagotchi Child

Day 3: An Absolute Nightmare

I took him to the museum today and he showed me up BIG TIME. Right in the middle of the World War II exhibition, he starts going off like a warning siren. I ignored him the first time, but in the complete silence it’s hard to ignore a second time. Embarrassed at the amount of noise he was making I took him to the toilets, sorted him out and scolded him.

Day 4: An ugly truth

A few days have passed now and… Oh no, what has it become? It’s ugly! I googled it just now and it turns out if you bring up the Tamagotchi child right it won’t become this hideous creature when it grows up. It’ll be prettier and generally easier to handle. Who knew?! Well at least it’s happy… that’s the main thing.

Ugly Tamagotchi Baby

Day 5: A moment of (screen) reflection

In a single week I’ve gone from being enamoured by the thought of parenting this small being, to being absolutely sick of its face, and back again. It’s quite extraordinary how much I want to scream for it to leave me alone but also I am compelled to make sure it’s okay. What a roller-coaster of emotions for one adult to go through – gosh. I’ve grown quite attached to him after all. Perhaps I’ll give him a name… I wonder what it’ll be.

Day 6: Well…

I forgot I have a child.

Dead Tamagotchi

Day 7: Until we bleep again

I woke up this morning to find out that if you leave a digital child for a day, they turn into aliens and fly away. He looks somehow even more beautiful now than he did in life… But that wasn’t entirely difficult. Sigh. Farewell young Tamagotchi baby – until we meet again, when some deity decides that it’s time to press my reset button. </3


  1. Nat
    30th September 2019

    Hahaha OMG Amy this was such a dramatic journey with you and your Tamagotchi. 😛

    I have myself experienced this with my Tamagotchi and let me tell yah, it’s a fucking embarrassment when you’re out and the little fucker keeps beeping at you for attention. 😛

    I was in Homebase with mine and it kept beeping so I had to stand in the middle of the painting aisle feeding the greedy shit, as children walked by asking their parents what I was playing and how they wanted one. 😛

    I think we need to organise a Tamagotchi play date… AKA chucking them in the river and hoping for the best. 😉

    I kid, I love playing with my Tamagotchi! 😀


    1. Amy_Ether
      30th September 2019

      It’s such a whirlwind, honestly. (This is why I’m not a parent.)

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