About Me – Coventry Writer & Blogger – Writing Into The Ether

Hi! I’ve not had an “About Me” section since I started my blog for various reasons… Mostly, I figured that people will be able to know exactly who I am as soon as they have a read of my content.
All my posts come straight from the heart, and although sometimes they might be sponsored (because y’know, we all like reviewing cool things once in a while),
they all are 100% Amy.

But what does that mean?

You can probably expect the following things from me as a writer:

  • Incredibly nerdy blog posts – usually a weird amalgamation of things I love. Including but not limited to space and science, D&D, games, Harry Potter, nerdy fashion, fandoms, Japanese food and other general geeky stuff!
  • Honesty and integrity – these are the things which I value the most in blogging and in reality.
  • A little bit of everything – sometimes I ramble on about my feelings and how completely (not) adult I am as I learn what it means to be a human on earth.
  • I will put my heart and soul into everything I write here and for you if you want to work with me! Get in touch by emailing me any time… amy@writingintotheether.com

Just a little bit about my Categories if you’re not sure where to go!

Firstly the nerd stuff: “Geeking Out Loud” encapsulates all my nerdy posts together into one. This includes everything below and much more…

Everyday I’m Ravenclaw” is specifically Harry Potter based stuff.
“Space and Science”also comes into that because I do often seek out space related stuff (Like the moon, I go through phases!)
Critical Hitis my new D&D series I am starting this year since D&D became such a BIG hobby of mine!

Coventry Bloggeris where to go for all my collaborations with local businesses in Coventry, UK. I get super passionate about supporting small businesses and these ones are close to me and my heart!

“404 Brain Not Found is for all my thought-posts and general “I guess I don’t have a category for this” posts. The things I just needed to write down. This is the wider category for…

Nerds on Tour” which is all my travel stuff (because everyone needs to make a travel diary!)
Major Adultingare times where I go HOLY CRAP I’ve had an epiphany, and I start to change my state of mind for the better.

I hope that makes sense, and I hope you enjoy looking around.
I’d love to know what you think so, get in touch any time!