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Major Adulting: 30 Goals to achieve before I turn 30!

I decided as it’s my birthday, I should work out 30 goals to complete before I turn 30! It’s not actually that long before I turn 30 so this is going to be far from a bucket list for me – it will be more achievable things!

I have 2 years to complete this list and so there’s not likely to be any sky-diving or travelling around Africa on this list… So here goes!

Ship Amsterdam 30 goals


1. Go to Iceland (and hopefully see the Northern Lights!)

2. Visit Disneyland

3. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant

4. Go on a road trip somewhere new (where I am the driver) DONE

5. Visit a waxwork museum

6. Go camping in the middle of nowhere and watch the sunset and sunrise DONE

World Map NEMO Science Museum Rotating Puzzle

Personal Development

7. Do a research project to find out about 30 cultures and countries I know nothing about

8. Meet someone I really admire in person – DONE

9. Be a bridesmaid – DONE

10. Try to get some zen trying out some mindfulness hobbies DONE

11. Make a physical photo album of the best parts of my life all in one place!

12. Gain as much astronomical info as possible from stargazing

Space themed pencils Swirl duo colour pencils NASA photos

Capturing the Creative Spark

13. Photograph animals in the wild

14. Attend a class to learn a new skill

15. Attend a book/writing club regularly for at least 6 months – DONE

16. Complete 2 years of blogging! DONE

17. Complete an art project (similar to those I did at A-Level)

18. Go to see a play at the RSC and review it – DONE

Wooden Chess Pieces Wooden Knights

Challenging Myself

19. Go vegan for 1 month! – DONE!

20. Sell something I have created myself

21. Take steps to get over one of my (many) irrational fears – DONE

22. Spend a month as tech-free as possible (work time unavoidable!)

23. Volunteer somewhere for at least 30 days

24. Complete a huge jigsaw puzzle – DONE

Roast Duck TGI Fridays

Just for Fun!

25. Try at least 30 new foods (including some scary ones!) DONE

26. Make a terrarium  DONE

27. See a play in London and stay overnight DONE

28. Throw a Harry Potter themed party – DONE

29. Attend a festival (music, food or otherwise) – I’ve not done this for too long! DONE

30. See in my 30th birthday in style!

So these are my 30 Goals!

I think these are do-able. They will make me push myself more but I don’t think they’ll stress me out too much trying to complete them!

What do you think? Can you recommend any ways to help me make sure I do this right?

Ready, set, GO!


17 thoughts on “Major Adulting: 30 Goals to achieve before I turn 30!

  1. Good luck on all of your goals bby! <3 I know you can smash them 😀
    In terms of advice… There are loads of food festivals in Birmingham, and one 'digbeth dining' takes place every first Friday of the month I believe. I've heard good things about it! And I'd happily go camping with you 😀

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    • There’s no problem starting at any time! Do something manageable to you. Set your goals and then whittle them down to make sure they’re achievable! That’s what I did because I know 2 years isn’t the longest time realistically! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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