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Okay firstly, I’m coming up to a year of blogging and I can’t believe it. It’s been such a brilliant year for me and I have done more awesome things as a result. That kinda changed recently when I hit some kind of mental wall. Since that week, I’ve struggled to think. I’ve also cut myself off from the interesting things I do.

I am usually so driven. Anyone who knows me can tell I’m never happy unless I am productive and busy. So when I hit a bump in the road like this, it really knocks me about. So this week I’ll just be a little more honest; with myself, and with you…

My Week In a Nutshell

I’ve watched a heck load of trashy TV. As I write I am still being drawn to Netflix so this is taking a lot longer than normal. These kinds of distractions have been plaguing me for ages and I can’t seem to push myself to get out of bed even when I’m already late…

My bedroom has been a huge disaster zone since I (85%) painted it and I’ve just not had the time or motivation to finish and tidy it. I guess it’s making for an untidy and demotivated mind.

Pretty epic colour scheme though!

A person I admire continually astounds me with their ability to strive for productivity and to juggle so many different elements of their life. It makes me reflect on myself negatively. I feel like I have hit a wall here, and now I just need to break through it.

It’s December now, which means I’ve instantly gone into Christmas mode and it’s all I can focus on. One of my major excuses for not being productive in other areas is, “I’ll do it in the New Year.” It’s a hard habit to break.

Going forward

I need to allocate time to research more posts and give myself more time to complete them. If I give myself a time frame hopefully it will help me power through. Soon, I am going to have a tech-free month as part of my 30 goals before I turn 30. During that time I will also be able to complete a heck-ton of projects that have been niggling away at me for months.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be off to Harry Potter Studios for an exclusive late-night entry which should be pretty damn magical! I will definitely have enough to write about there which is a great stepping stone into giving myself a week’s lee-way!

I’m going to break out of this funk I’ve been in, and stop arranging so many menial activities to fill my time. Maybe once my damn room is painted and tidy I can find more space to breathe…

Wish me luck,



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