Are we still doing New Year’s Resolutions?

I feel like in order for the world to get better, we need to be looking outwardly at the things that those in positions of power can do to help rather than how we can be better ourselves… but I guess I will make some silly little NY resolutions for my “mental health” or whatever…

1. Produce more art and content for the joy of it

I have wanted to do this for a while now, I have a ton of blog posts about topics related to the occult, queerness, witchcraft, vampires… all as yet unpublished because frankly, I want more people to see them than just those who read this blog. So… to YouTube! I have not made an account as yet, but I am going to – and I am going to make more content. Because I can!

2. Get outside into nature

I am a witch who never leaves the damn house. I have all this foraging knowledge, all this wish to be out there in the sunshine, and I end up spending most of my time as people soup. Driving out into the countryside (which is actually on my doorstep) and being OUTSIDE is something I want to really push myself to do.

3. Be more present

I struggle a lot with weeks of “auto-pilot” trundling along. I really want to make sure I continue to check in with myself, seek stimulation, enjoy the little things, make notes of the good times, acknowledge feelings as they come and pass and generally just be a functioning human – even if functioning means lying in the grass and enjoying the sunshine, I want to do it with a feeling of presence and meaningfulness.

4. Practice Witchcraft even more

I am really enjoying my witchy vibe but unfortunately due to my recent stressy depressy time (understatement) it’s kind of taken a back seat to… well, binging Vampire Diaries in my bed with 1000 blankets. I started off so strong and felt so much more connected to myself so I am hoping this year to set myself some intentions and incorporate witchiness more into my routine.

5. Do a “30 before 30” style challenge

I felt like I experienced a lot more positive things when doing my 30 before 30 challenge in that it gave me some set, measurable goals to work towards. I planned to do this last year but I bet the pandemic funk got me… SO! For the purposes of making myself do it… I am going to plan out 20 goals for the year right here, right now!

  1. Get out of the country
  2. Visit Whitby
  3. Produce a video essay
  4. Go out sketching
  5. Attend Download Festivals’ 20 year anniversary!
  6. Drink at least one glass of water every single day
  7. Attend more Witch gatherings
  8. Spend more quality time with friends
  9. Read 12 novels
  10. Experiment with a new creative form (pottery, knitting, clay painting, flower pressing)
  11. Pick up my cookbooks
  12. Start a journal
  13. Get through some of my watch-list
  14. Reduce my social media hours
  15. Have a regular date night with my girlfriend
  16. Go out foraging
  17. Do at least one spell/ritual every month
  18. Visit more charity shops
  19. Write more D&D posts
  20. Continue to be excellent

Phew! I think most of these will be manageable! Happy New Year everyone 🖤

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