Major Adulting: A weekday trip to West Midlands Safari Park

Eland West Midland Safari Park

My best friend and I really needed a break from being adults with full-time jobs so we decided to chill out amongst the animals for a day.  So this week’s post is just a little summary of my trip to West Midland Safari Park!

It was the best idea ever – a chilly Thursday in February meant no people, no swarms of children, no sweltering in cars in a queue… We could just leisurely drive at our own pace around the park and there were no battles for space to view the animals. All the animals were energetic and curious (likely due to waking up a bit after the quiet winter) and so we had some really amazing interactions with quite a lot of them!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves but here are just a few Safari Park highlights!

  • Feeding the deer and giving them all silly names and personas
  • Getting bitten by an overzealous zebra
  • Being surrounded by little red fox-like animals
  • Being closer than I’ve ever been to a lion (about 1 metre or so!)
  • Having birds land on our heads and nibble us!

We also vlogged for most of the day and recorded some of our closer encounters so I will edit and upload a video soon!

Without further ado… The photos!

West Midlands Safari Park
These little guys circled around the car – I think they were scavengers of some kind! I can’t remember their name.
 Penguin 1 Safari Park
 Penguin 2 Safari Park

Greater One Horned Rhino Safari Park

Nice Zebra Safari Park
Nice Zebra
Bad Zebra Safari Park Zebra Bite
Bad Zebra!

Majestic Tiger West Midland Safari Park

 Deer Safari Park
 Unamused deer safari park
 Deer at Safari Park
Snek Boa Constrictor Safari Park
Beautiful (but noisy!) lorikeets
Lorikeet Safari park
These little birds love to eat your hair products!

Proud Sealion

So there you have it- The Safari Park!

Our day at the Safari Park was a success. It was a much-needed rest and so much fun. We missed the meerkats and lemurs because we arrived too late but we got free return tickets. (Bonus!)

I want to make sure to do things like this a lot more! Hope you like the photos!

Which are your favourites?


Cheeky Deer Safari Park
I bring you love.




  1. Topsy
    3rd March 2017

    Very nice photos Amy!

    I do need examples of the silly names and persons though!

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  4. Dan
    7th September 2017

    If I remember correctly, the names and personas were a little NSFW…

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