Critical Hit! Top 10 Dungeons and Dragons Gifts for your Best Nerds

Have a friend who’s super into D&D that you need to buy for this Christmas? Or just want to treat yo’self? Check out these awesome UK based stores, shops and small businesses where you can get all the Dungeons and Dragons gifts you or your best pals could ever dream of…

Cuteness Warning: These aren’t exclusively for girls / women but just to let you know… some of them are super cute!

1. D&D Pins from Mythical Studios

I had the good fortune to meet the lovely ladies from Mythical Studios at a local convention and invited them along to Coventry Geek’s own local geek market held this October. I’m so excited for all the new things they have in store – including these super cute pins! Check them out!

Dungeons and Dragons Gifts Mythical Studios

2. Bard Soap from GeekyClean

The awesome folks at GeekyClean make a huge range of soaps and bath products – and this one caught my eye! For my last campaign I played a bard and it was my favourite character ever and I even wrote a blog post about how to play a bard. I’m kinda obsessed with the candyfloss smell too…

3. D20 Earrings from LissyIllustration

My friend bought me some wooden D20 studs last year which I included on last year’s D&D gift guide and then just HAD to get the dangle versions too (although I think these particular ones are out of stock now). Represent D&D everydaaaay! They are so cute and super affordable!

4. Player Notes Stickers from R-N-W

This is SUCH a good idea! If you’re a D&D enthusiast you’ll know that it’s often SO difficult to take notes and remember the important things! Usually that’s left to my friend but I’ve promised I’ll get better at it this campaign! These player notes stickers are so useful – but have a look at R-N-W’s whole store – everything is so well illustrated and so cute!

5. Handmade Dice Bag from Critical Treasures

I absolutely loved this dice bag that I got from Etsy – such great quality and incredibly good value for the size of the bag! Can fit all my essential polyhedrals in there! I opted for a galaxy themed bag with a denim interior – fabric is customisable and there are so many different ones to choose from!

6. Stranger Things D&D Starter Kit

I reaaaally want to give this a go with my D&D lot. Stranger Things kinda caused a resurgence in nostalgia for D&D and rekindled a lot of people’s passions. It also kinda made D&D semi-mainstream which, I LOVE. I bought this in Forbidden Planet – can’t wait to play!

Check out my post about how D&D took the world by storm this year!* (Contains sponsored content)

7. A D&D Graphic Novel – The Adventure Zone

So there’s an interesting group of D&D players, who made an awesome podcast, that got turned into an even more epic graphic novel and that is… The Adventure Zone. If you love reading D&D stories and want to get some inspiration and have a laugh as you do it, then I can definitely recommend this book!

8. Ornamental Reptilian Cuties from Serpentile

I absolutely fell in love with these teeny dragons by Serpentile when I first saw them! They’re all lovingly handmade sculptures made with polymer clay in a variety of colours – with polyhedral dice to match! So cute and truly unique!

Dungeons and Dragons Gifts Serpentile

9. All your essentials from DnDice

Someone looking to start playing D&D and you want to get them all the things they need to start on their adventure? I had the good fortune of getting some bits and pieces from DnDice – and I have to say I’m really impressed with the quality!

Dungeons and Dragons Gifts DnDice

10. Looking for something EXTRA special? Try a Pro D&D experience with A Traveller’s Venture

I recently went to an awesome experience recently with A Traveller’s Venture where we played a one shot in a spooky abandoned prison- they arrange events all over the UK, in spooky and atmospheric settings… like castles! I wrote a full review of my experience here.

SO there you go! All my favourite Dungeons and Dragons Gifts from the UK! It’s also kinda my wishlist so… if any of my friends read this (Hi friends) then you know what I’m after! Mwahaha.


  1. Lizzie Bee
    30th November 2019

    Omggg that DnD bag though from critical treasures is so magical! And did I get you those wooden DnD earrings? I can’t remember hahaha.

    1. Amy_Ether
      30th November 2019

      You got me the studs and I liked them so much I went back and bought the dangle versions! They’re so nice. Xxx

  2. Lydia//Everyday Superhero Training
    30th November 2019

    Oh man….I want all the things!

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