Critical Hit: How D&D is Taking the World by Storm*

Over time Dungeons and Dragons has changed from this game played by oddballs in the basement of their parents’ houses to much more mainstream! With the rise of TV shows like Stranger Things – who’s watching Series 3 by the way??? – D&D is taking over! Or at least it’s taking over my life…

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D&D DM enamel pin Dungeons and Dragons blog post

But why has it become so popular?

I think I first saw the general public’s awareness and interest has peaked when shows like Riverdale and Stranger Things made it more widely known. Role playing now isn’t just some thing that people do in the shadows; in these shows these characters lived and breathed D&D and it was totally normal.

It could also be that since the 5th edition came along, it’s become more accessible and easy to understand. Plus with the digitisation through sites like DnDBeyond and Roll20 it makes it even easier to play online with friends from the comfort of your own home. Although it’s really satisfying to roll dice, I can see why people go for the convenience of playing online – no need to organise people, and you can play with your friends across the world!

D&D OwlBear enamel pin Dungeons and Dragons blog post
D&D tshirt Dungeons and Dragons blog post

People actively seek out places to play D&D with strangers or try to get a solid group of friends to play as a party – whole communities have started and people are proud to play D&D! This of course has paved the way for people to start creating incredible products for and inspired by the game – dice sets, dice bags, t-shirts and…

D&D Badges!

D&D enamel pins Dungeons and Dragons blog post

This brings me onto these fantastic pins that you see pictured throughout this post. I had the pleasure of meeting Mythical Studios at Stratford Comic Con last year and they’ve just released a new set of enamel pins which I LOVE. When I received them I actually screamed and spent about 20 minutes just staring at each one in turn. They’re so beautifully designed and I can’t wait to plaster my bag with them and spark up some conversations with some fellow nerds.

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