Merry ‘Crit’mas! My top D&D gifts for 2021

It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas! And what better way to celebrate than sharing some of my absolute favourite D&D gifts from independent businesses (plus one Wizards of the Coast book that I love!) There’s still time to buy something special for the D&D lover in your life before Christmas!

Polyhedral Dice Hat by Critical Treasures

I am getting quite partial to a beanie recently, especially in the colder months! I’ve not bought myself one of these (yet) as I am hoping someone will get me one for Christmas! One way or another, one will be mine! My favourite is the one below. CriticalTreasures is absolutely full of D&D themed stuff, and their items have been featured on my previous posts many times over the years!

Image: Critical Treasures

D20 Holographic Earrings from Mythical Studios

Mythical Studios released this epic series of dice earrings, so of course I had to treat myself to some! I am super happy with how pastel, sparkly and cute they are! Mythical Studios are another regular feature on my blog – they’re awesome! I wanted to take my own picture of these but couldn’t quite get the sparkle captured properly.

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Custom Spell Cards by Hellbound Dice

I bought one of these for my friend as a secret-santa present and the quality was excellent. I definitely will be getting more… maybe one for my warlock character, or perhaps special spells that I can gift to my players as a one-off “scroll”. These are so reasonably priced as well especially if you start buying multiple cards! HellboundDice helped me through the order too which was lovely 🙂

Image: HellBound Dice

Wild beyond the Witchlight – D&D Campaign Book

I just had to feature this book, because it has absolutely opened my mind to the possibilities of how chaotic and fun D&D could be. It’s D&D meets Alice in Wonderland weirdness. Niall and I bought this as our joint Christmas present to ourselves and we can’t wait to run a game of it! I recommend getting the physical book because it’s beautiful.

Image: Wizards of the Coast

Great Wave of Dice TShirt – Glass Staff

This one is from the US but I just had to get this for my boyfriend because he loves D&D and he’s a massive weeb <3 I’d take a picture of him in it but he’s too shy so I’ll settle for the one from the shop! I love this tshirt – the quality is great and it shipped to the UK in pretty good time!

Image: Glassstaff

Dice Sweets by Honey Badger Games

I bought a few lots of these a few years ago, and was so happy to see they’re still going strong! I think I will order a few more for some photo-shoots – they were really tasty last time and I absolutely recommend Honey Badger Games’ sweets as stocking fillers! I gave a few away to my friends and they really enjoyed them!

Image: HoneyBadger Games

D&D Class Pencils by Mint & Mustard

I play as a warlock in my main campaign with my pals, and although I don’t use Hex, I really like these cool pencils! They have them for all sorts of D&D classes. I’ve bought a few items from Mint & Mustard before, including my +5 SASS mug that suits me perfectly, and that I featured on my previous D&D gift guides (Links at the bottom of the post).

Image: Mint&Mustard

Feywild Candle from Chaos Curios

Last but by no means least we have these incredible candles that I am dying to buy – but I told myself I’d wait until after Christmas! The dice inside are wax melts which they also do separately! I love the playful colours of this one but they do have others available too! Use code Dicey02 for 10% off right up until Xmas Day!

Image: Chaos Curios

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