Unbox with me! Blippo Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag Review

Although I’m a goth at heart, I absolutely cannot resist injecting a little bit of pastel into my wardrobe and my daily life! Are we ready to get some cuteness into our lives, together??

I first found out about Blippo via my friend, Lizzie, who recently released an unboxing video. As soon as I saw it, I thought… I need some pastel goodness ASAP! I actually won a Blippo Surprise Kawaii bag before as a result of one of her giveaways! She posts things like this all the time so make sure to check her out! (Link at the bottom of this page!)

Anyway, on to the unboxing… unbagging? Either way, let’s do it! Anything I LOVED I’ve put little sparkles around in my pictures so you can easily see which ones I liked most!

Item 1: Kawaii Face Masks (Disposable)

I was so happy to get these face masks in my bag! Now with the restrictions around face coverings tightening up again (ABOUT TIME!), then I can wear them to go with my new, cuter outfits. There are 10 disposable masks in here so I’m going to use them sparingly! They are kid’s size but fit me perfectly somehow!

Item 2: Cinnamoroll key chain plush

CUTE CUTE CUTE! I adore it and it’s so soft. Definitely going to hang this from my bags to kawaiify my outfits. She’s holding a little star as well, so very Christmassy too <33

Item 3: Doraemon document holder

I am not really a fan of Doraemon – he’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t find him that cute, and he reminds me of Dr Seuss characters for some reason. IDK, I’ve not looked into him too much. This is the first thing I will probably regift / pass on to charity shops!

Item 4: Icecream Highlighters

I am always on the lookout for cute stationery to take to the office / make my home office as cute as possible! So I was really happy to receive these little ice-cream highlighters! Can’t wait to try them out!

Item 5: Pompompurin pencil case

A cute little pencil-case to keep my highlighters in! Yay. Lizzie also got this in her bag and said it’s big enough for make-up brushes (that girl is full of knowledge), so I may even use it for my make up when travelling.

Item 6: Sakura Spray Bottle

It’s so strange I should get this, as I was literally just thinking I should buy one. I can’t remember what for, but I am sure when it arises again, I will be glad of it! I’d imagine it’s be really useful when travelling.

Item 7: Plastic wallet with pink paperclips

This is really adorable! I will probably keep something other than paperclips in it but they’re always handy to have. I think it might be big enough to fit a debit card and some loose change… or maybe I could use it keep some of my (many many) stickers in!

Item 8: Cold drink hair clip

I looked on Blippo’s website and found out I drew the short straw on this one! It’s a random design and there were other much cuter ones – like strawberry milk! It’s unlikely I’ll wear this as it’s so random and doesn’t make sense! But oh well <33 it might make someone somewhere very happy when I donate it!

Items 9 and 10: Japanese phrase stickers and Strawberry Milk cards

I am a little bit addicted to stickers… planner stickers are my favourites but I’ve also picked up a little bit of basic Japanese (really basic) so having these cute phrase stickers will be fun (if only for me to decipher what they say!) Plus the cute little note cards will probably be used as thank you notes for any Christmas gifts I might receive this year! (Although I am a Scrooge and have barely bought any yet…)

Item 11: Melon Pan Biscuits

I have no idea what these are in honesty – I had to Google them and I shall take a bite right now and give you a verdict. WOW okay. So they’re biscuits that are round with a flat base, very crunchy with a texture of shortbread and inside is a gooey, melon flavoured chocolate centre! So interesting. I’ve reviewed Japanese snacks maaaany times on this blog and one thing I always say is that they are NEVER quite like how you expect them to be.

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Item 12: Gachapon – Blippo Design

I was so excited to receive a Gacha – I’ve only ever had 3 in my life and that was when 2 of my friends went to Japan and each brought me one back. I am absolutely dying to visit one day – it’s on my bucket list for sure… but mortgage comes first. Boo. Blippo’s own brand characters are really adorable and iconic in their own right, and this keychain is going straight on my keys.

Item 13 and 14: Cloud pen and lilac eraser

The cloud pen threw me off at first as I was sure it was a lollipop, and then I realised that the top came off to reveal the pen inside. I didn’t try to eat the eraser though, luckily. Two more excellent additions to my home office. You can never have too much stationery!

Item 15: Hamster charm

What I love about this little guy is that he’s actually a tiny carry case?! So you can put something important (like your meds) inside the key chain and then pop him open when the time is right. Adorable AND functional.

So concludes my review!

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my review of Blippo’s Surprise Kawaii Mixed Bag! I found it to be really good value for the money and I was so happy that I liked or loved almost all the items in the bag – as you never know what you’re going to get!

You can order one from Blippo.com for a random dose of cute through your door! Check out what Lizzie got in hers over on her channel.

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