A Geek’s Guide: Ways I’ve been celebrating Halloween this Year

Halloween is on a Saturday this year – for the first time in who knows how long (probably calendars) – and I have really struggled to get into the spirit this year! Have you? I am one of those “Halloween season starts in September” people usually, but this year with no promise of going to a Halloween party any time soon I’ve been finding other ways to celebrate Halloween at home.

Grabbing all the Halloween Accessories…

…and getting dressed up just for the hell of it! Like I mentioned before, I am open to Halloween aesthetic pretty much all year round and I can’t wait for all the Halloween themed things to come out every year so I can stock up for the year ahead. Some of my favourite small businesses have been doing Halloween ranges, so I’ve been sure to support them through this frankly weird and difficult time.

Mask: Fantayzia Designs, Top: BooHoo, Jacket: Henry Holland (about 8 years ago), Tights: Snag, Boots: ASOS
Mask: Fantayzia Designs, Necklace: Curiology, Earrings: KimchiandCoconut

Halloween Sketches and (Witch) Crafts

At the start of October, I decided I’d make and send some seasonal cards! ‘Tis the season to spread spooky cheer! I made a fair few cards just using crafting bits and pieces I had lying around, incorporating a bit of sketching too and having a really lovely relaxing time. This lock-down I’ve been really enjoying spreading a little joy through the post to my pals and it’s probably something I’ll continue to do right into the future!

Wandering in Spooky woodland

There’s not many outdoorsy places I feel comfortable with at the moment due to Covid, but my inner witch feels most at home when out in nature. I love the older woodlands, with the gnarled trees and the overgrown forest floor. It always feels like an adventure when you’re off the beaten path and headed into the trees. That said, I did end up walking round in a big circle and got very confused! (Directions are not my strong point…) I love a mindful walk in the woods, picking a type of tree or plant I want to spot and letting that guide me as I wander.

Enjoying some delicious Japanese Candy

I absolutely love JapanCrate boxes at Halloween, because they always get truly into the spirit of the season with spooky and cute themed treats! I always like to get a box and sit and taste a tiny bit of every single one, rating them as I go. There’s all sorts of savoury and sweet treats, usually including a DIY sweet kit and a drink (in the premium boxes). In my October crate this year, there was everything from monster stamps that turned your tongue blue, to “Trick or Treat” candy where you could accidentally pick out scotch bonnet flavour sweet! The value for money is great on these boxes, and I’d recommend them all year round!

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Visiting your local pumpkin patch

Okay this one technically is still a “peopley and outside” activity, but it was so lovely to visit this lovely pumpkin patch with my pals before we went into tier 2! It was situated in a huge barn, so we all had to wear face masks but it was still tons of fun. If you want to go this year, I recommend going to an outdoor one and just wrapping up really warm. I picked out some beautiful ugly pumpkins! They’re always my favourite and they’re hardly ever sold in supermarkets!

Relaxing in Blackened Baths

Turn your bath time a most gorgeous shade of indigo, burn some incense, gather your pumpkins around you, adorn yourself in a black bathrobe and…. relax. I felt so at peace in my cauldron of creepiness, bubbling away! Honestly, bath times are some of my most treasured times to myself and with the stress of the month ebbing away into the blackened waters I felt super zen.

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Making HHalloween Cupcakes

I love to bake! Any excuse to get some cupcakes on the go and I’m there! I’ve been branching out into breads more recently, but these Halloween inspired cupcakes were silly and fun. I’ll probably make another batch next week on the “big day”! It’s one of the easiest ways to celebrate Halloween at home, and the simplicity of making cupcakes takes you right back to when you were a child. (Plus, kneading bread dough is great for getting out some tension!)

I hope this post helps you get into the mood for celebrating Halloween! We’ve not got a lot to celebrate recently, so I hope you find some joy and calm, just enjoying the witchy vibes. Sending you spooky seasons greetings, and stay safe. <3

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