GeekyClean Review: A Bardic Inspirational Pampering Session

We all need a little TLC now and then – more-so nowadays than ever! I thought I’d treat myself to a mini haul from GeekyClean, a place that specialises in handmade bath bombs with a nerdy twist. They have a huge selection of D&D themed ones so I gave them a go… here’s my verdict!

Unfortunately I had to buy the items twice because the first package didn’t arrive, potentially due to the posties having problems during lock-down. I didn’t get tracked delivery but GeekyClean were kind enough to give me a credit for my order so that I could place the order again (this time with tracked delivery!)

So, here’s a little shopping list of what I bought – of course you’ll notice the strong bardic themes! I loved playing as a bard in D&D, they literally are the face of the party in some cases! If you’re looking for tips on how to play as a bard, check out my previous post here.

  • Bardic Inspiration Dice Set Bath Bomb
  • Bard Soap
  • Toss a Coin Bath Bomb
  • Vicious Mockery Lip Balm

If you’re going to go looking for these things, it’s worth noting that they restock every Sunday at 6pm and a lot of things show as sold out because of high demand! All their products are handmade, and I suppose that means there’s only so much that can be made in a week. (I also bought these ages ago but never posted this up… oops… so the stock may be slightly different now!)

Bardic Inspiration Dice Set Bath Bomb

This bath bomb was listed as having a scent like “Snow Fairy” from Lush, but I am not familiar with that scent! What I did understand though, was bubblegum and candyfloss scent – yummy. When I opened it I couldn’t help but sit and have a few deep breaths in – it smells absolutely amazing. These sell out SO quickly so I am really glad that I managed to get one (although I’d have preferred the cherry scent, I think!)

I was super excited to crack this open ASAP so when I next ran a bath, it went straight in! This comes with a full dice set inside so was well worth the price tag in my opinion for that, but if you’re not fussed about that then the actual Lush product would likely be a better choice for you.

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Bard Soap

The bard soap came in a great little tin – I loved the design and will probably keep my soap in it in the future. This is where there’s a but… I didn’t really enjoy the scent or the texture of the soap. I feel like it was quite chemically and although it was supposed to be the same scent as the bath bomb (bubblegum and candyfloss), it didn’t really work in this format as I found it was overly floral and overpowering. Texture wise, it was a little greasy and strongly scented for my body, but it was fine to use when washing your hands – so all in all still an okay purchase.

Toss a Coin to your Witcher Bath Bomb

This bath bomb was so unique I just had to get it – with big respect to my number one bard, Jaskier! This one was noted as “Ocean Breeze” scented and I really wish I’d read that first before buying! To me it smelled like a car air freshener – BUT (and this is a positive but), it was actually really nice and refreshing once in the bath.

The writing had got slightly knocked off in the post but it’s all good – it was going to end up disintegrated anyway! This one fizzed super powerfully so I was really impressed, and made a nice layer of bubbles on the top of the water. I was also pleasantly surprised when (spoiler alert) it had red in the centre so the bath actually turned a dark red-pink colour!

Vicious Mockery Lip Balm

Fortunately, I am one of those people who can use practically any face product or make-up and it not cause me any kind of reaction, so I just popped this lip balm straight on. (Of course, there’s a full ingredients list on the website if you need it.) This lip balm was Cola flavour, and really smelled lovely on my lips… But then, I started to notice that I had an adverse reaction to it so I had to stop! Of course, all the ingredients are listed on the website but, I have no idea what it could have been!

Side note: Although I was okay with the slight misprint on the Toss a Coin bath-bomb I wasn’t quite as happy that the labels on this were a bit wonky (after all the whole point in getting a nerdy themed beauty product rather than a regular chain store one is for the geeky aesthetic)

Was it quite Bardic Inspirational?

I feel like the bard dice bomb was good value for money considering there was a full dice set inside, and the products were good quality even if the scents weren’t to my taste at times. If I am being truly honest you can get better bath bombs much cheaper from other small businesses so I was a little disappointed that this seemed a little gimmicky but they were nice as a special treat and I’d be really happy to receive any of this stuff as a gift!

Where do you go to get D&D themed goodies?

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