Bloody Hell, It’s Marvellous: My honest review of Floweret Cup*

So… haha… bleeding. For anyone who’s ever had a menstrual cycle, we can confirm it’s just NOT FUN. Period. (That joke would work, if I were American.) For every person who’s felt the discomfort of a period, the embarrassment of a leak or the annoyance of having to find a place to change your tampon… Look no further. Floweret cup is a game-changer.

*Disclaimer: This post contains gifted content.

I’ve never worn a tampon before – not properly. I tried it but, I just couldn’t cope with the feeling. It was just weird, fluffy, uncomfortable – it didn’t feel like anything that was SUPPOSED to be near that particular area. (The vagina, to be clear.) I opted for pads at a young age, and never looked back… that is until I hit my 30’s, got the IUD coil (10 years protection, yo) and started getting periods that were as heavy as they were back in my teens.

Top: The Dark Room Merchandise, Tights: Snag, Bag: The Grunge Monkey

Ouch. So, soon the horror story ensued. I am wearing 2 pads to prevent leaks (it doesn’t work and I am still leaving meeting rooms with my proverbial tail between my legs). I buy period proof underwear which admittedly is a slight step up, but ultimately really bloody expensive and only work on controlling said leaks and are still hugely uncomfortable.

Enter, the Floweret cup.

I order a cup as they’re doing an offer where you just pay shipping and I figure, what have I got to lose? I even get to choose the colour (a nice, on-brand purple). I am sceptical, as I’ve had a free sample of one of these things from another company and was instantly put off by the quality. But I give them the benefit of the doubt and I persevere… for the environmental benefits. For the leak-free potential. And most of all for the ability to STOP THE INFERNAL TIDE THAT COMETH FROM WITHIN ME.

I will save you the gory details but safe to say I am writing this because, after a week of trying these I am impressed. I would even go as far as to say I am an advocate of sustainable cups.

Six reasons why you should buy a Floweret Cup:

  1. It was super comfy – I didn’t notice it at all once the initial “eek” was over, and no itchy gross pads.
  2. It was really inexpensive (I know I got mine for free but, even without that, it’s still super cost-effective)
  3. It was SO COOL to collect my own blood like some kind of witch and offer it to the Goddess. (Just checking you’re still paying attention.)
  4. You get to feel a little bit smug – you’re not adding to the tons of waste on the planet. Congrats!
  5. I literally forgot I was bleeding for like, 12 hours. Imagine!
  6. Floweret cups specifically, are shaped like pretty flowers. What’s not to enjoy?

If you don’t believe me, check out this actual quote from real life bookologist and menstrual cup evangelist, Dr. R. Douglas. (She’s also my friend so, you know she’s got a good brain. )
“Using a sustainable cup has made my periods significantly more comfortable, hygienic and generally easier. Sometimes I even forget I am on my period!” – Dr. Roxanne Douglas

My advice would be, shop around, get a good deal and just buy and give one a try. I’m really proud to say I use a cup now, and I don’t think I’ll ever revert to my old ways. When discussing cups with my friend from Fussy Geekwares she kindly gifted me a pin badge from her online store which I have shown off in my pics above! I am officially part of the “No Strings Attached” club and I will never look back!

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  1. Mariah Kaercher
    9th October 2020

    I am a little scared to try a period cup, however, I do want to try period underwear. You’re right they are super expensive, but I think if I were to adventure out, that’s the route I would go.

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