Writing Into The Ether: Lush Halloween Product Review

It’s not like I need an excuse nowadays to get a massive Lush order in. I spend about half my time in bed or in the bath nowadays since I’ve had the excuse not to go anywhere. Lush Halloween is just an excuse for me to buy a heck load of things that match my all year round aesthetic. So here’s a rundown of what I bought and what I thought! (Oh look, a little Halloween rhyme. You can ‘av that one for free.)

Bat Art Bath Bomb

To be honest, they had me at bat shaped… but I also love me an opaque bath. There’s something distinctly decadent about lying in a bath and not being able to see all your pale bits. Plus, it was emo AF – and you know I am all about that. As soon as it arrived, I was taken in by the fresh smells of lemon and mandarin – quite unexpected for such a dark coloured bath bomb. 5/5

Toffee Apple Lip Scrub

I’ve never bought a lip scrub before, and didn’t really understand the point. So, y’know… try anything once. When I read the packaging and it told me to basically rub this tasty sugar on my lips and then lick it off, I was sold. I am yet to see if it has any kind of effect, but then my lips are not particularly dry or anything usually. The taste though, that’s a little treat that keeps on giving – plus it’s the perfect scent of Lush Halloween. 4/5

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Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

I remember getting this back in 2019 and at the time it felt like it was brighter and had a different, lighter scent. So when this grubby grey-green colour turned up with this odd earthy and calming scent I thought… has this changed? And do I like this change? It doesn’t help that it looks a lot brighter in the online images. Anyway, I used it and all was forgiven. I ended up with yet another opaque bath, this time a dazzlingly deep pink colour. And now I remember why I loved it last year. Such an unexpected, cheeky surprise. 4/5

Ghost in the Dark Soap

I don’t usually go for soaps from Lush – they’re just not my thing. I love a squirty soap myself, or a nice liquid shower gel. But seeing as it was cute and ghostly, I thought, what the heck. Plus I’m a sucker for gimmicks and this soap was glow in the dark! WooOOOooOOOoo. It was really hard to get a picture of it to be honest, but it’s really easy to find when you walk into the bathroom in the middle of the night. 3/5

Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb

I think this one was a little bit of a waste of time, unfortunately. Yeah I know it’s Halloween, so you gotta get a pumpkin themed thing… but actually I wasn’t entirely taken in by the smell like I am with most of Lush’s products. I don’t know if them trying to use pumpkin powder just made the whole thing smell a bit odd… Plus the whole thing with the bath colour… well it was just orange I guess. Not that exciting – give it a miss and get one of the others! 2/5

Lush Halloween

Boo! Shower Slime

I’ve never bought a shower slime from Lush before, but I thought seeing as this was black and glittery, I’d give it a go. It had such an unusual texture! I expected it would be quite like a regular shower gel but I was really pleased when I realised it wasn’t. It was properly gunky… in a good way. Like in a, I feel like a Zombie from a B-Movie kinda way. Like in an ugh, let’s get a little messy before getting clean kinda way. 5/5

What products have you bought from Lush lately?
Are you going to grab any Lush Halloween themed bath stuff?


  1. Christopher Hall
    29th September 2020

    Oh wow! I am out of the loop Lush-wise. These look great. I know that the bath bombs do better in their mass transit packaging, they can’t move as much and they tend to avoid that dulling and blending of the colours…

    Anyway… enough geeking about logistics. Great blog post. I love the injection of emotion, humour and personal perspective in here and the photos are great.

    Keep it up, and stay safe!

    1. Amy_Ether
      1st October 2020

      Aw thanks for noticing, Chris! I try to add a personal flare even to the most basic of posts! Haha. Take care too, thanks for reading

  2. Stacey
    29th September 2020

    Thank you for this cute review!!! This has definitely convinced me to try the bat bath bomb, even though I’m not usually a fan of black ones. The soap is super cool as well, awesome pic! xxx

    1. Amy_Ether
      1st October 2020

      Thank you for your comment! Highly recommend it – it doesn’t turn your bath black in the slightest!

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