Day Out in Pontefract

I’d say don’t come to Pontefract for a touristy visit? It’s not a place for that… It’s just a small market town without a lot going on. I am mostly here because I am visiting the in-laws for Christmas for the week and having some chill out time. There’s not a great deal to do but I found a few places to visit on a morning stroll…

Oh my goth: Autumn Outfits in my Capsule Wardrobe

I never really had a “style” – it’s only post-pandemic that I’ve really looked at what I wear and thought, I am going to make full outfits that really match how I feel and who I want to present on the outside. It’s inspired me to make a post about my latest outfits… something I don’t really do but, ya know… now I feel like my style might be something to be desired?!

Major Adulting: How I have been coping with Anxiety in Lock-Down (and onwards)

Now I’m going to spill some not-so-sweet tea… just before the lock-down my anxiety hit a spike after months of burying it, and I ended up having to sign myself off work due to stress. It’s not been pretty, but that’s the truth of it. Since then I’ve been phasing back and, more importantly, feeling a lot better. Here’s a few ways that I have been coping with anxiety and stress since then; I hope you find them useful.