Hello Fresh Review!

My partner and I have been getting Hello Fresh delivered for months now, and I know it’s hardly a new concept but I just wanted to share my full experience in case anyone was unsure whether to try it!


I have quite a varied palette to be sure, and I know some people don’t like spice, but I have loved pretty much every single recipe from Hello Fresh. All of them have been beyond what you’d expect for such simple ingredients, levelling up even the most basic of meals.

I don’t tend to opt for things that are traditionally English that often, so I’ve used Hello Fresh to expand my culinary repertoire and now I have about 50 recipe cards I can refer to and remake if I really want to, inspired by cuisine from tons of countries.

Portion size

These can really vary but we’ve noticed a pattern – with the pasta dishes you feel like you’re getting enough, but the portions are quite small when it comes to rice dishes like the curries. Risottos somehow seem to be more filling, perhaps because of all the water that’s absorbed (idk, I’m not a chef). Overall though, they’re pretty good! I don’t feel like I’m missing out and it definitely helps with portion control.

Value for money

Honestly, every time I’ve cancelled Hello Fresh they’ve sent me a percentage off code so I keep coming back. Only with a code do I think Hello Fresh is worth the price – with everything else that you have to buy on top from regular supermarkets… It’s competitive but only just at around £4 a meal.

That said, the way they deliver exactly what you need to your door takes all the stress out of my week which is of great value to me personally (especially since I’m a woman who takes on a lot of emotional labour as a habit.)


If you have dinner plans in the week and you order a box, cancel those plans or your food will probably go off. If you get four Hello Fresh meals in your box it is very unlikely that the dates will allow you to miss a single day… Maybe one at most. I wouldn’t opt for a 5th meal for this very reason. That said, it’s still better quality than supermarkets and has about the same shelf life.

Whenever there has been a quality issue, it’s usually down to things not being right with the packing (e.g bags are split, leaking, vegetables crushed) and not with the actual products themselves. Also, if you do report an issue they just send you credit immediately, no questions asked, which is a bonus.


In terms of sustainability, its not too great? Reviewing the amount of plastic that is chucked away, its about as much as a regular supermarket shop waste (where you’re just buying off the shelves). Checking the packaging though, about two thirds of it is made of recycled material/recyclable.

It also comes with non-recyclable ice packs that you need to empty and chuck away. Plus, although we are going to need boxes for moving out so we’re keeping ours, having to put all of them in the recycling bin would be a chore (and not great for the planet!)

Overall Hello Fresh rating

What I love most, is the ability to make restaurant style meals, with very little extra effort. I’ve actually saved money by not ordering out, knowing that I’ve got food that’s going to be of the same quality on my table, often in under 30 mins.

My partner and I always cooked together, but now it feels fun and experimental rather than a chore. I’ve also eaten a larger variety of vegetables this year than I probably did in the last 5 years! Despite it’s minor pitfalls, I am really enjoying Hello Fresh and will probably continue to buy it… For as long as they keep sending me discount codes.

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