Nerds on Tour: The 7 Best Geeky things to do in Coventry

Those of you who have been following for me for a long time, (waves to that one guy way at the back of the room), may remember when I wrote my post last year about the best geeky things to do in Coventry. I am happy to say that since then, my list has expanded!
Nerdy bits and pieces are popping up everywhere – here are but a few of them.

Grab a Geeky Haul in FarGo Village

There are not one, not 2, but several ultra-nerdy stores in FarGo Village. Of course, there are many incredible ones but these have to be my top must-visits for grabbing some geek goodies.

  • Fantayzia Designs; the best place to grab some 90’s gaming memorabilia.
  • TAG Artwork for all your graphic novel and manga needs
  • Sgt. Bilko’s Emporium where you can get comic books galore and old fandom merch
  • Try over 100 flavour combinations of Bubble Tea at Bubble Boba
  • The Paint Rack has all your modelling requirements – plus tips on how to paint!

Grab a bite to eat with Geek.Zone

Geek.Zone are a charity who offer a safe space for geeks. They often meet up for food at local Coventry restaurants every few weeks, and they’ve got their regular board games and meetings too. Seek them out on MeetUp!

Me and (unbeknown to me at the time – the organiser of CovCon!)

Get yourself down to CovCon!

Coventry Comic Con is coming up again very soon and I can’t wait for it! I’m going to be using it as an excuse to meet up with my favourite Muggles (from my old Harry Potter discussion group) and will more than likely be trying out a bit of cosplay for the second time! The weekend promises to be super fun!

Get out of an Escape Room… If you can!

There are now at least 2 Escape room venues in the city centre (Escape Live at FarGo and Escape Reality in Broadgate) and they’re growing in popularity all the time! Use your big brains to solve puzzles and get yourself out within the time limit! I love escape games on my phone… Can’t wait to try this out for myself in real life!

Geeky Things to do in Coventry Escape Room
Photo: Escape Reality

Get some Geeky Discussion going at The Big Comfy Bookshop

Although Muggle Musings may have ended, there are still book discussion groups on all sorts of topics throughout the month at my favourite local bookstore! There’s a book club that I should definitely start attending again myself, a Lord of the Rings group… and SOON there could be a Sci-Fi discussion group
Find out more about their events here.

Game the Night away, Retro Style!

There are now 2 games nights in Coventry (held at Drapers, and The Big Comfy Bookshop) specialising in retro games. They get all your favourite old consoles out and you can play alone or combat some fellow nerds. The best places to hang out if you’re looking to get thrashed by someone on the NES.

But wait… There’s more!

Now I’ve set up a Coventry Geeks community on Facebook so you can meet like-minded geeks! The aim is to get more and more events happening in Coventry, get people out of their houses and in to the geek scene to help it grow! Join our group here – all nerds welcome!

Hope this guide has helped inspire you to get out there and seek out some nerdiness! If you’re looking further afield, I also want to honourably mention The Dice Box in Leamington – their gaming cafe is second to none!
Check out my previous post on them here.


  1. Nat
    3rd July 2019

    I love how much geeky stuff there is to do in Coventry – although that being said there NEEDS to be more! 😀

    Especially with the student scene seeming to become bigger in Coventry. I honestly wish there was somewhere in Coventry or even in Birmingham that holds different geeky events at least twice a week and once over the weekend. :’)

    Speaking of geek, I honestly cannot wait for my geeky tour of Birmingham with you! 😀

  2. Eloise
    19th July 2019

    I had no idea there were escape rooms in Cov! Might have to organise something for a group of us 😀 I’ve never experienced one before, but sounds cool!
    I’m really pleased to see lots of great (geeky) things happening in Coventry. I used to think my hometown was kinda boring (certainly compared to where I live now) but I still love it and I’m glad to see geek culture expanding there!

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