Ookily Spookily Pumpkin Patch Coven Date!

I absolutely love visiting my local pumpkin patch every October. It was the one thing I managed to do to celebrate last year since we were still in lock-down. So…this year I’ve decided to go twice! I went with my lovely coven gals this weekend and next week I’ll return for more photo ops and pumpkin picking!

Pumpkins R Us is my local pumpkin patch based in Coventry and I have been going there for about 3 or 4 years now! It’s such a fantastic place and they have levelled up their decor every single year! I always take it as an opportunity for some excellent spooky photos, check this off my Halloween to-do list and get myself some extra serotonin!

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This weekend I wore my “sad mime” Halloween look… IDK. I just decided that’s the vibe I wanted. I am spooky all year round so I tried to just buy things I’d wear for any season! I’d love to have a seasonal wardrobe but I am just spooky through and through tbh.

FYI – this is very much gonna just be a photo dump but, whatever! It’s Halloweeeeeeeen!

We all loved taking silly photos all the way through – I always have to go one bigger and lie in the pumpkins and be all dramatic. It is my absolute favourite aesthetic… although I almost never wear orange… I am a bit sad that we didn’t get more group shots at the patch that included the lovely Joe, who took some of these pics!

They had a little Halloween tunnel… probably supposed to scare the kids more than the adults… but it genuinely made me jump! There was a grim reaper in there that spoke and I did not expect it to be an animatronic… when it reached forward as I was taking a selfie and it touched me I genuinely squealed.

The Halloween shop is really cool – they have everything you need! From kids toys, costumes and candy, to witchy ornaments, wreaths and autumnal decor. I spent almost as long looking around here as I did picking pumpkins. I am so glad I am going again next week as I feel like I didn’t manage to take it all in properly and there were definitely photo opportunities missed!

Afterwards, we stopped off for lunch at the Farmers Fayre, which is a little cafe on site. We ended up getting a cheeky roast dinner and sat outside in the glorious sun! It felt like summer <3 Everything was on our side that day – the weather, our arrival times… even the temperamental roof on my friend’s old convertible actually decided it wanted to let us have a roof-down drive home! Such a happy day!

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