One item four ways – Red Military Skirt

Inspired by lovely friend Lizzie who always does One item: Five ways posts, I thought since I seemed to wear this skirt a lot I’d show you how I style it.

This skirt was bought from Killstar a few seasons ago (but it’s been available for a long while and still is, in the sale!) – I love the versatility of it and I’ve used it for tons of outfits throughout the year.

Unfortunately, I only documented enough to do a one item 4 ways post and wanted to make sure this was timely, and so I can move on to more fun items! Next time will be a five ways (hopefully!) Lizzie did warn me how tough these posts were to make! Hehe x

Noodle date with friends

I didn’t wear this mesh top for so long because I was so unsure about pairing it – cue the skirt. Really happy with how gothy I look here. 100% would wear again.

Top is from Shein

Halloween Pumpkin Patch Trip

I ddecided to go with mime vibes for my Halloween trip late last year, and ended up pairing the skirt with a cute black and white striped long sleeved top.

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Top is from Disturbia, Brooch from Kimchi and Coconut

Shopping date

I have noticed that there’s a lot of pairing with a black top but accessories maketh the outfit! Went through a little phase of wearing harnesses this autumn which I’m dying to bring back! As you’ll notice… I really like those black military boots with the skirt.

Afternoon tea at home with Lizzie

Since Lizzie inspired this post, I thought I’d include pictures from last weekend when Lizzie and I had afternoon tea together at her house and made some japanese DIY kit sweets in her cute kitchen!

Top is from Killstar

Paired the skirt with a cute Killstar top with a cathedral collar and flowing black sleeves – perfect for a dramatic look and so juxtaposed against the pretty dress Lizzie wore! Click here to see Lizzies blog post about our AmzyBee date.

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