Nerdy Pin Badges and Where to Find them – Volume II

Since I posted my first blog post on Nerdy enamel pins and where to find them, lots has changed. Not just generally in my life, but also there’s a heck load of new pins on the market as their popularity has BOOMED. Here are just a few of my favourites and a few on my wishlist!

Hamster Pin from Tofu Cute

Okay, so I might be a little bit obsessed with hamsters since my little girl, Penny, came into my life. She’s soooo damn cuuute *insert crying face* and so I wanted to get a pin that reminded me of her while I was out and about. You can get it from the cutest store I’ve EVER found – TofuCute.

Infinity Gauntlet Pin by Atomic Pins

I have forever got nerdy pins from these guys on my wishlist – they’re all for the TRUE nerdy pin badge collector. Their stuff is amazing, (like this incredibly detailed Infinity Gauntlet) but you’ll pay a little more for it. Oh my gosh, also they have a full Labyrinth collection! One of my all-time favourite cult classics!

Dungeons and Dragons Pin from Fantayzia Designs

So this nerdy pin (in my header image) originally came from a Loot crate and so it was limited edition but since then, it somehow made it’s way into my favourite geek nostalgia store – Fantayzia! And then from there, made it’s way to me of course, because I just love all things D&D!

Phoenix Pin Etch and Pin Coventry Pin Badge Club

Phoenix Pin from Etch & Pin

I was lucky enough to interview Aaron – the man behind Coventry’s pin badge club, at the start of his badge series! I saw the latest pin for May and just HAD to buy it- it’s great to geek out about your city! I’ve almost got the whole series of Coventry pin badges!

Hodor Pin by Khumba Pins

You know you’ve got a rep for liking a fandom when your local bookshop owner (and good friend) gets you a Hodor Birthday card, and Hodor Pin. And signs the card “Hodor, Hodor Hodor. Hodor x” If you’re as into classic Game of Thrones as I am, you might want to consider one of these epic pins! Or you might want to read my previous post about my trip to some of the Season 1 film locations!

Ramen Bowl Pin by TokyoPins

I fell in love with this pin when I saw it (you guessed it) on Instagram. I love the use of the chain to symbolise the noodles and ugh, I’ve been looking at it over and over… you know it’s my birthday soon, right?

Tamagotchi & Game Boy Pins from Vintagemlife

I am all for 90’s nostalgia so I was super happy when I saw these cute little nerdy pins from Miriam on Instagram! I just HAD to get them there and then and to be honest I have to avoid her shop now to stop me spending every penny I have on more beautiful little 90’s pins!

Hope this helps with your nerdy pin wish-lists! Stay up to date with all my nerdy content by signing up to my newsletter now!


  1. I have 3 different pin boards for displaying my pins! I had to make the 3rd recently cause one is completely full and the other is Disney only.

  2. Jen
    11th June 2019

    The game boy one is super cute!

  3. Mariah Kaercher
    11th June 2019

    I love putting pins on my jean jacket!

  4. Great post! I’m going to need to check these places out. I especially love the Hodor and Infinity Gauntlet ones!

  5. Eloise
    19th July 2019

    The hamster pin is so adorable!
    I don’t have many pins currently, mainly as I’m not sure where to display them, but two of my favourites are the “Pro Cats Pro Feminism Pro Choice” one from Punky Pins
    And this amazing Claptrap pin from Alien Hospital

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