Nerds on Tour: Treetop Adventure Golf Launch Party

Treetop Adventure Golf (Leicester, Highcross) kindly invited me to their launch party this June and oh boy, we had a great time! Read on for a full review…

Disclaimer: This was a free launch party event so I didn’t have to pay for anything, but read on to find out more about why it’d be worth every penny!

As the venue had a jungle theme, I opted for a summery pink dress as we wandered through the two 18 hole courses that they had to play. Of course, I took Shane along as my plus one because we’re ridiculously competitive in all things and I had to beat him. Some people go out on dates to spend quality time with one another – for me if there’s a chance I’ll be able to crush him at something, game on.

We opted for the Aztec themed course first, followed by the woodlands one – I have to say we definitely did them in the right order! The woodland theme was so interactive and full of character that the Aztec one would have seemed quite tame in comparison! There were some incredible photo ops along the way, such as the cute little singing tree-frogs up top!

Unfortunately the spotlights makes it really hard to take photos without harsh shiny foreheads!

Both courses were just the right level of challenging – hills, blind corners and some really interesting obstacles. You have a maximum of 6 shots each so that you keep things moving on the course. If you get stuck behind a slow group of 4 putters as a couple, then you can always go ahead and then travel back to complete the full grid.

Always gotta get that shot.

After the first course we stopped to have something to eat from the Pizza Cabana and some drinks from the bar. The pizza was really tasty – there wasn’t much more to say on it but from £4.75 per whole pizza you can’t go wrong. But the mocktails – DAMN. I got the Treetop Sunrise because the look of it just caught my eye. You know it’s a good one when it’s got a full size heart lollipop on the top! It was so refreshing and tasty.

TreeTop Adventrure Golf is perfect for date nights

In the end, Shane seemed to be onto a win but he just couldn’t keep up with me in the second game where I got 2 hole-in-ones! Boom! Got a sticker and everything to prove it. So yes, in the end a brilliant place to go for a small group of people and at just £9 for one course or £14 if you do both courses it’s really reasonable! Date night, done right!

Find out more on Treetop Adventure Golf’s website.
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Dress: Boohoo


  1. Shane
    19th June 2019

    Everything about this is true.

    …except the bit where my triumphant victory is ignored and you give the impression you won the entire thing.
    Stop spreading your fake news, Amy.

    1. Amy_Ether
      19th June 2019

      You’re fake news.

  2. Eloise
    19th July 2019

    I haven’t done mini golf for such a long time. This looks super fun! Glad you both had a good time 🙂

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