Nerds on Tour: Exploring Stratford

How is it STILL January? I finally managed to get out of Coventry for a bit, and wandered over to Stratford-upon-Avon for a little wander round the historic town. Even at peak-tourism times, it just has this air of quietness about it, but today it was also thankfully empty too.

My anxiety is really hit and miss at the moment when it comes to covid safety. Sometimes I’ll be fine to go into bigger groups of people, but other times I’ll want to hide away. So, to have practically the whole town to ourselves today was really pleasant.

First we headed over to Magic Alley – a shop dedicated to the occult and quirky alt. objects (and not just Harry Potter merch!) which I absolutely adored. It was so fun to explore and I got a compliment on my ‘true goth’ outfit from the nice man running the shop. Unfortunately, I’ve recently experienced some fraud and my debit card had to be cancelled… So, no spending sprees for me. I’m definitely going to go back!

Then we went off further into the historic parts of Stratford and wandered about in the market, and ended up buying a ukulele in a local music shop! Niall is going to teach me a few chords sometime. We then stopped for afternoon tea in Bensons Tea Shop which was doing an excellent offer of full afternoon tea (scones, brownies, sandwiches and pot of tea) with an extra glass of Prosecco for a tenner! Bargain.

We then went to a few little shops including the Shakespeare Gift Shop and decided it was about time to head home because we’ll be going out again later on a Hickory Smokehouse date! For now, I’m sat reading (a very fitting book) and enjoying my new GrungeMonkey jumper that arrived in the post today! It’s the comfiest jumper I’ve ever worn! <3

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  1. Mariah Kaercher
    30th January 2022

    Sounds like a fun day! That occult shop looks really neat.

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