My 2022 to-do list

I kept wondering what my new year’s resolutions would be for this year, and I realised… I am pretty perfect. Just kidding – there are many things I could improve of course, but given the state of the world I think it has some explaining to do before it starts pointing fingers.

So instead I decided to write out some things that I REALLY want to do this year. (Pandemic permitting!)


Things to do once this year

❥ Buy a decent digital camera

❥ Visit Kirby Hall

❥ Go to Shrewsbury to visit my friends again

❥ Finish Mass Effect 2 and 3

❥ Visit Bath with Niall

❥ Visit Brighton with Niall

❥ Visit my friends up North and hate-watch a less than legit copy of the new Dumbledore movie

❥ Book in for a pedicure

❥ Finish our D&D campaign (and start the next one!)

❥ See two of my best friends get married

❥ Celebrate Halloween all October again

❥ Book a dentist appointment (and get it over with!)

❥ Revisit the car graveyard and take some more pictures


Crafty and creative things to do this year

❥ Perfect my cookies / biscuit making skills

❥ Make a few collage poems using old magazines

❥ Try out some new recipes every few weeks

❥ Attend more online drawing classes and lectures

❥ Make some more crafts and cross-stitches

❥ Pick up painting and drawing, like I did in 2020 and early 2021


Things to do on repeat this year

❥ Visit the woodlands around Coventry (Charlecote Park etc)

❥ Celebrate and record the small wins

❥ Read as many of my graphic novels as I can (before buying more!)

❥ Organise my wardrobe so everything co-ordinates better and donate some items to charity

❥ Go for more walks in pretty places outside the city

❥ Improve my skincare routine a little more and sort my dry skin!

❥ Take rest when I need to… and take guilt out of my emotional vocabulary!


This list as yet remains unfinished, but as I think of more things throughout the year I am going to add them on!

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