No filters: An afternoon tea story

HOW can anyone function in this heat? I’ve had the most lovely week off for my birthday with the most glorious weather but now it’s getting a bit much! My friend, Lizzie, and I sought out the shade when we visited the Laura Ashley tea rooms today for my final birthday celebration!

The Laura Ashley tea rooms are a favourite spot of ours to have afternoon tea – it’s always very chilled, rarely busy and very tasty! The food itself was really interesting – an array of miniature parfaits and sandwiches and tarts, as well as the classic sandwiches and scones.

Of course, we chose English breakfast tea. Lizzie decided to play mother and pour my tea, accidentally spilling it all over the table – classic! I also blundered as I poured my tea (leaves and all) straight into the cup rather than filtering it and had to ask for a new cup. Of course, that made us both laugh and shattered any illusions that we were poised and proper ladies!

No filter required.

We then went for a joyous little wander in the gardens, which would have been perfect for a wedding party, took some selfies and put the world to rights. It’s so nice to be around friends you don’t need a filter around – and when you’ve known someone for 12 years, you kinda don’t feel the need for that any more. It was a wonderful end to my birthday celebrations with one of my favourite people!

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I am really excited to start going out more now that lock down is over and I’ve had my first vaccination. Everything feels ever so slightly better and while I am far from comfortable with crowds and busy pubs, a quiet afternoon tea or a meal with a close friend is one of the things I’ve missed most of all over this past year.

The only thing that I’d like now, is to still be able to work from home! I have everything crossed that I can work at least half at home, because speaking of filters, I don’t have one anymore. I am going to find the mental load of masking my emotions really tough, as well as getting dressed every day and not working outside in my lovely garden! I know it’s a privilege few can afford but now I have it… I don’t want to give it up!

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