Galentine’s KBBQ Adventure with Lizzie and Lauren

So this weekend, my pals Lauren and Lizzie, and I went to our local Korean Barbecue place for our annual Galentine’s trip (a little early as technically it’s not supposed to be ’til 13th Feb but we’re all such busy bees!)

I decided to dress up again this weekend and once again I am pushing the boundaries on what I feel comfortable in and trying new things! I’ve never been one for hair accessories – it took me to the age of 32 to wear a wig in public and not worry about it, and this time I wore a huge bat bow in my hair. (It matched my dress so well!)

Outfit rundown
Make-up: Unicorn Cosmetics
Bow, badge and necklace: Roxie Sweetheart
Dress: Killstar
Cardigan: IDK (old)
Tights: Snag
Shoes: IronFist (old)

I was a little uncomfortable walking alone through town but luckily nobody seemed too fussed about my outfit (I think that probably the internet has made people numb now) but I did feel like a kawaii lilac spot in a sea of black coats. I was also wearing my LGBTQ+ flag badge so I was definitely making a statement.

Once my friends arrived at the restaurant with me though, we had SUCH a lovely time and all my worries melted away. I really enjoy eating KBBQ here because you get to cook the marinated steak in front of you – and it was delightful! We last ate here together three years ago for Galentine’s before the pandemic, so it was so lovely to see nothing had changed (except maybe our anxiety levels lol).

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Afterwards we headed off to Primark for a little shopping and I ended up buying more lilac items (oops) and then met my boyfriend and headed home to relax. Nowadays I can really only do one out-of-the-house thing per day without me feeling tired. I guess the amount of over-thinking means I’m wearing myself out!

Yesterday evening I also downloaded a self-care app called Finch which I really recommend – super cute little birb needs help on his adventures and you help him by helping yourself <3 So adorable and it’s already helped me to hydrate, reflect and calm down today.

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