Happy Halloween! October Wrap Up

October has, once again, been a month of ups and downs. Overall though, I’ve had some really positive moments that I wanted to focus on, as I wish you all a very Happy Halloween.

Halloween started early for me. Super early. As soon as we started seeing Halloween items in shops, I started celebrating. My spooky gal, Lizzie, and I went Halloween shopping spree as part of her vlog… at the start of September! It was recorded way in advance so it could be posted in early October. It was so much fun though and really got me in a spooky mood, I hope we can do something like it again in the future.

Check it out on YouTube: Halloween Shopping Hunt

I managed to check off a decent amount of items on my Halloween checklist too, but realised around the third weekend of October that I was pushing myself too hard to fill my weekends with activities. I hadn’t taken the time to get over my busy period at work, and honestly I got really low a fortnight ago. I decided to reshuffle some plans and stop putting so much pressure on myself. I am still in recovery.

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I made a point of wearing lots of goth outfits this October (more than normal!) and to be honest I probably won’t stop. I’ve littered my October posts with pictures of my lüks, I’ve really enjoyed exploring this side of my look more and making sure that every time I leave the house I dress the way I love and makes me feel confident.

After a really tough mental health week or two, where I basically got into bed just after work (sometimes even working from my bed just to get through the day), I had a wonderful few weekends visiting Halloween markets, hanging out with my best friends and carving pumpkins. Not to mention, I went on my third event on Bridesmaid duty – getting my friend a wedding dress. Amazingly, she chose it in the first shop we went to and (spoiler) she looked STUNNING!

I always put so much pressure on myself to do things in October because this is supposed to be my season. At least this year, I’ve got a bit better at accepting that I need rest and just getting on with it. That said, I really hope that November brings me as much joy as October has! <33

Happy Halloween everyone!

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