Giggling Squid and Halloween Shopping with Lizzie Bee

Had such a lovely day with one of my best friends the other day – I just had to write a little summary and post up some pics! Giggling Squid in Leamington was an excellent place to eat and take some cute pics! Also, we saved a dog.

I wanted to showcase my new outfit because I felt so damn cute and it’s rare that I feel 100% happy with my outfit. I recently tried Shein – which of course is a questionable source of clothing but I just wanted to see if their plus sizes range was true to size. I was so happy with the haul I got that I immediately wanted to wear this little donuts dungarees I got!

I no longer settle for ill fitting / tight clothing due to my size – there are just too many brands out there now that are dedicated to making well-fitting clothes. I decided to make it a full outfit, with my tights from Snag. Once you buy Snags, you won’t buy any other tights again. No exaggeration! I decided to do some pale pastel-goth look make-up too which made me feel super cute, with my rouged cheeks and glitter freckles! I am really finding my style… at the ripe age of 32… Meh.

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Story time!

So on the drive to Leamington, Lizzie spotted a dog running around on a busy main road! She immediately pulled over and I jumped out to go and check it out. Luckily it was small, and friendly so I scooped it up… unluckily that meant it got mud all over my brand new dress. I took it to the nearest house and it just so happened to be the house he’d escaped from! Phew. We were on our way again, safe in the knowledge we were local heroes.

It was such a lovely day catching up with Lizzie. We’ve both been worrying about not speaking enough in the pandemic, but sometimes ya just need to not communicate and that’s absolutely okay! When we meet up it’s like no time has passed at all. We ate green Thai curry and pad Thai noodles at Giggling Squid, which was totally empty when we arrived. We were so thankful as we got to chill out and take pics before we ate. (Personally, I am still feeling a little anxiety in busy spaces too!)

Lizzie then had the excellent idea to go Halloween shopping in HomeSense, so we zoomed off to have a look. I really love Halloween and would honestly celebrate it all year if I could. I like to make October every year really memorable. We went off to take more pics and have a look at the goods. I like to make sure I get things I can use all year round so I got myself a lovely tarot snow-globe and a skull candle. I saw more items that I think I’d like to go back for soon.

Here is a link to Lizzie’s post about the day <3


  1. Mariah D Kaercher
    24th August 2021

    Those overalls look so comfy!

  2. Stacey
    26th August 2021

    This sounds like such a fun day eating yummy food in a chill atmosphere. You are a pair of heroes for saving the doggo, and both looking stylish doing it. Love the snow globe too!

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