Geeking out loud: The Best Plus Size Cosplays to try out!

You might get into the feeling that you can’t cosplay a certain thing because you’re plus size, so I wanted to try and find the best plus size cosplay around – not necessarily because they’re plus-size characters (like Ursula or The Queen of Hearts) but showing you can do the characters justice, regardless!

Cosplay is more than just dressing up – it’s really getting into the mindset of the character and “playing” as that character too. That might be something as simple as posing for photos with weapons, or saying some of their catch phrases as you interact with crowds.

People pour money into creating a good cosplay, so I thought I’d honour some of the best plus-size cosplay I’ve found, in preparation for CovCon! I’m so excited to dress up with my Harry Potter pals! (I think I might try being Rita Skeeter!)

LittleLordChaos (I guess you wouldn’t consider her plus size really but she’s one of the first results when you search!)

I have no idea if this is actually the place to find this girl, but I clicked through but I HAD to include her. You can see exactly what I mean here – Lumpy Space Princess is traditionally a plus size cosplay but the ATTITUDE is what most people lack. This is full of attitude – THESE LUMPS!

Love this – Kiki’s Delivery Service!

The problem I have when trying out Cosplay before was getting into the mindset of Scientist Princess Bubblegum (my cosplay is below!) I am SO like her it’s unreal… on my good days. That day I had zero confidence so I just couldn’t play her. Even though my costume was a hit, I couldn’t walk around with confidence knowing I was doing it right! I am hoping as a writer, Rita Skeeter will be a lot more fitting for me!

Btw, I’m not considering myself among the Best Plus Size Cosplays!

You can just kinda tell how awkward I felt… I full on spaced out!
Jemma Lep as Merida

I’ve always wanted to try out a Brave Cosplay! I’ve always loved archery and thought it was ever so eloquent a sport… I always love things which require poise and elegance, like violin, archery… but then I’ve got about as much of that as a herd of rhinos.

Black Cat by Cin’ Von Quinzel

I know this is the same cos-player as the first one on the list but I LOVE her stuff. Her confidence knows no bounds and I’m just like… I need me some of that! Really looking forward to seeing what I can do with Rita Skeeter at CovCon! (I hope I can pull it off!)

Bioshock Infinite – One of my favourite games ever!
Cosplayer: Lanthea – Such a fantastic take on Ariel!
Loving this Spider-Gwen as well! Her figure is amazing – Ivy DoomKitty

What I wanted to avoid most was posting about the “out of the box” plus size cliche costumes… But there a re a few gaps that I’ve found, for new plus size cosplay ideas that I might try – I’ve not seen a plus size Powerpuff girl cosplay yet, or a Rita Skeeter for that matter! Can’t wait to give some more cosplays a go!


  1. So many good cosplays! I love plus size cosplay too. They always look amazing!

  2. Eloise
    4th May 2019

    Love these ?
    I would kinda love to try out cosplay. I really enjoy the opportunity to play a character – so I actually kinda enjoyed stuff like drama in school, even though you wouldn’t think it, being super shy and anxious at times ?
    Or even when reading books – I really try to put myself in the character’s mindset, really see things and act it out in my head from their perspective..
    So, maybe one day, if I have a burst of confidence and creativity ?
    Also, I don’t really know much about Harry Potter, but look forward to seeing your cosplay!

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