Caribbean comes to Coventry: Turtle Bay Review

Hey everyone! I’m really happy that more is going on in Coventry this year, and I was so excited to be invited to Turtle Bay to try their food before it officially opened. Check out my review!

Disclaimer: Gifted post <3

Turtle Bay has always been one of my favourite places to eat but we have never had one in Coventry. If we wanted to experience the incredible Caribbean food, we had to trundle off to Leamington. So of course, when I was invited to try the new Coventry restaurant, opening next week, I couldn’t resist!

I thought I’d take my bestie, Stacey as a bit of a challenge for them… she is vegan so, I wanted to make sure they could cater for her too! Everyone deserves to eat amazing food, after all. Fortunately their extensive menu catered for many dietary requirements so she had lots to choose from!

The staff were so excellent; the greeter gave us a really cheery welcome and the waiting staff were lovely and helpful with all our questions. The manager even gave me a little tour of the upstairs seating area and I found out they had some video gaming tables with retro games! Can’t wait to go back with Coventry Geeks and play!

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We chose Jerk half chicken and Jerk tofu respectively, plus some added extra dumplings which they sneakily gave us too! The jerk sauce was incredible, and exactly to my taste and Stacey really enjoyed hers too! She even got to take some home… Meanwhile I demolished mine. We also tried some virgin cocktails too, as we were driving, and they were really tasty!

The staff were so accommodating when we had to shoot off early from the table, even boxing up our chilli chocolate brownies (which smelt incredible I almost couldn’t wait to get home to eat it!). They didn’t last long enough for me to get a photo… Oops.

There are so many new places to eat and drink in Coventry now off the back of City of Culture, and I highly recommend Turtle Bay for your next visit into town!

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  1. Stacey
    26th August 2021

    Thank you for taking me! Another great review and you are so right about the lovely/cheery greeter, the wide range of food and how cool the gaming tables look! We shall be back 😀

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