Nerds on Tour: The Dice Box – Leamington Spa

Yet again, I have encountered something that I love so much that I just had to write about it there and then! The Dice Box in Leamington was on my list of places to visit and after going there today I was so impressed, that I wanted to write a little review of it! It’s really worth the visit!

Dice Box Leamington Spa Review Coventry Blogger

When I first arrived I was mostly taken aback by how light and airy the place was. Most places I’ve played board games are either my friend’s houses or really dark grungy back-rooms of nerdy merch shops. Nothing quite prepared me for the pristine look – it was the perfect lighting for seeing the games.

The Dice Box Rocks!

The staff there were so lovely – they quickly helped me, my nerdy blogger friend Natalee and our OH’s, Shane and Dane (yes, they rhyme) set up the game so we could get down to the good bit of actually playing it, and even taught us all how to play Lords of Waterdeep from scratch and took us through a round so we could play! Top marks for being friendly, approachable and informative!

Dice Box Leamington Spa Review Coventry Blogger

As the place is new, all the board games are fairly new (at the moment) which means there’s no missing piece problems and it’s all laid out wonderfully so you can find the games easily… there are 400 games and counting, all categorised ranging in difficulty from strategy to casual/party games to kids games.

They even have a D&D night too which I am going to be sure to go to next time! As you guys probably know, D&D is the second love of my life… Right after food (Sorry, Shane) – and The Dice Box Cafe does amazing food too! I had a pulled pork sandwich and a Chai latte and it was amazing.

Dice Box Leamington Spa Review Coventry Blogger

My plan long-term is to write a full “Nerds on Tour” board game tour of the UK and these guys were the second on my list – but they impressed me so much I had to write a full review! Definitely make your way there if you’re a nerd in the Midlands area (but be sure to book first!)


  1. Nat
    9th April 2019

    I love how you had to write about this place after we visited it! I can’t say as I blame you because Dice Box was AMAZING!

    I can’t believe how late it was when me and Dane finally decided to leave. It was a shame you and Shane couldn’t hang around longer, but next time you can park where we did so you can get 24 hours on the parking for cheap. 😛

    I can’t wait to head back there for D&D nights, as well as gaming days with you. 😀

    Thank you so much for introducing me to this little gem. 🙂

    1. Amy_Ether
      10th April 2019

      I was so inspired! It’s a brilliant place, and I can’t wait to visit again with you guys! Definitely gonna sort out the parking situation though! <3 x

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