Unmissable Dining in Coventry: Gourmet Food Kitchen Review

I’m not one for food reviews, despite being a frequenter of many a fine dining establishment (Read: I like Nandos a lot). However, after spending our first dinner date out after lock-down at Gourmet Food Kitchen, I just had to write a full review. If you’re not a foodie, then in short, it was incredible. If you are, then read on…

Gourmet Food Kitchen or GFK is situated in the heart of Coventry, at FarGo Village (for full details check the bottom of this blog post). It’s a a petite little cafe by day, serving brunch and homemade gourmet sausage rolls) but every weekend it gets transformed into an incredibly special and unique dining setting.

At just £45 per person (as of July 2020) you can have a full seven course meal. Plus, with a “bring your own bubbly” element means that you’re getting the full gourmet experience, without the super high price tab. Everything is lovingly prepared by the chef, Tony and his wife Debs. Together they also own the chocolatier business “Choc’N’Roll” situated just two doors away that sell the most luxury handmade chocolates.

I’ve known Tony and Debs for a while and so they asked me to take some photos of the evening (so I thought I’d go one better!) Here’s my experience of their July menu – a dinner that was so tasty, satisfying and rich in flavour that I’ll remember it for a long time. Prepare yourselves, this is a dining experience not to be missed.

1. Home Smoked Salmon Terrine
Essentially, hot smoked salmon wrapped in cold smoked salmon terrine with horseradish sauce – absolutely spellbinding and an excellent opening course.

2. Cauliflower Veloute with Stilton Beignet
To a peasant like me who had to google this, that’s cauliflower soup with a stilton cheesy dough ball. Also, a fresh bread roll and butter was served while we waited but I’d eaten mine before I could get a chance to dip!

Mains and Palette Cleansers

3. Chalk Stream Trout with Chorizo and Wild Roquette Risotto
I am not a fan of fish, generally, but this was an incredibly light and beautiful fish dish! And I bloomin’ love chorizo so it was a winner. I am not sure how he made the chorizo foam, but it was really light and airy. As previously mentioned, I am not a food critic but I do take a decent picture so, I’m trying to let them speak for themselves on this one!

Gourmet Good Kitchen

4. Red Wine Granite
This is used to cleanse the palette after the first set of flavours in the first main. Even this was very tasty even though technically it was just to make way for what came next…

5. Orchard Raised Pork Tenderloin, Sage Infused Pomme Dauphinoise, with pureed and pickled carrot
Three words: to. die. for. The flavours in this dish were absolutely astounding and we actually had to be careful not to wolf it down too quickly. The potatoes were creamy and soft, the pickled carrots added a kick of acidity and the pork was cooked to perfection.

Desserts / Afters

6. White Chocolate and Vanilla cheesecake with Passion fruit and a Hazelnut Sponge
This was a staple of Tony’s menu – the deconstructed cheesecake. I really enjoyed this although I’m not usually a fan of tart flavours. The chocolate bomb from the Christmas menu at GFK was more my style!

7. Coffee and Petit Fours
This is where the chocolate expertise stepped in, with a lovely selection of those aforementioned handmade chocolates and some coffees and teas before the journey home.

Choc N Roll Petit Fours

I cannot stress enough how comfortable that Tony and Debs made us feel considering the current state of “going out out”. From maintaining a suitable distance between the tables to keeping us all warm and cosy with blankets and outdoor heaters. It was all absolute perfection.

Usually there would be a table of 12 that you booked seats on as couples or groups, but since Covid that’s not been possible. Actually, while it was lovely to meet new people, it felt truly special to just have a table for 2! So much so that I’ve booked again to take my other half there in September for his birthday!

Address: Gourmet Food Kitchen, Unit 2H, Fargo Village, Far Gosford St, Coventry CV1 5ED

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    2nd August 2020

    Such lovely photos! That smoked salmon looks SOOOO YUMMY!

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