A Geek’s Guide: The Umbrella Academy Members RANKED

I wanted to get this post out at a time where more people, like me, will have seen Series 2 of Umbrella Academy and will already dying be for more! Safe to say that the members of the Umbrella Academy have all developed very drastically as characters over this second series, so I wanted to provide my new definitive ranking of the members. Here are the worst to best Umbrella Academy members according to, well, me.

Warning: Contains MASSIVE spoilers for S2 of Umbrella Academy

7) Luther

Number 1 in the academy, but at the bottom of my list. Luther went from naive and lovable in the first series right through to dumb ape / cheap laughs sidekick by the end of series 2. After being left on the moon seemingly for no reason and rebelling in a hilarious first night out clubbing in series one, I quite liked him. But by the end of series 2, his antics were just frustrating and at times just downright idiotic…

Character Highlight: When he gets high on laughing gas… funny and terrifying in equal measure.

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6) Diego

Diego after series 1 was the bottom of the pile for me, but after his development in series 2 he’s gone up the ladder a rung. I really enjoyed the hero complex and how he’s fighting it. However, his complete inability to PUT AWAY the idea that the President needs to be saved was REALLY annoying. We get it… the JFK murder was the key aaaall along. Plus he got massively duped by Lyra… In short, he’s super gullible but then I suppose with it a little vulnerable, which I appreciated. It was pretty cool when his power “levelled up” towards the end too.

Character Highlight: When his adoptive father, Reginald Hargreeves, put him down and made his childhood stammer return… UGH! My heart.

5) Alison

I promise I am not just putting the members in order… but Alison aka Number 3 was definitely next most frustrating for me. I GET that she couldn’t use her power because it had negative effects on her but my GOD does it seriously have to take your husband being nearly killed to get her to use it? Seriously? Watching all the times she could have used it for the better made me scream WTF at the screen a few times.

Character Highlight: All the times she actually used her powers, including the cool shopping spree.

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Additional Spoiler Warning
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4) Vanya

I gave Vanya the benefit of the doubt because to be fair to her, she did lose her memory for a huge majority of the series. Despite this, she still manages to generate a lot of on-screen chemistry and intrigue while working as a nanny for the woman who ran her over and caused said memory loss. Actually her fighting to regain the buried memories by eating a brain at her school dining table was a brilliant scene I won’t forget in a hurry.

Character Highlight: When she lets go a little, reconnects properly with her family and chills out with Klaus and Alison. They even have a little boogie!

Credit: Netflix

3) Ben

Ben got a lot of limelight this series – and it was well deserved. He is adorable, wonderfully innocent and although he has minor altercations with Klaus, his unbeating heart is still in the right place. He was so endearing when taking over Klaus’ body so he can speak to a girl he likes. He’s also completely underused and belittled due to the narcissistic nature of Klaus – and now he’s gone forever. RIP.

Character Highlight: When he got a hug from Vanya, and “passed on” – right after he’d got brought Vanya down from almost causing the second apocalypse! Go Ben!

2) Five

Five has a lot of great moments in this series and, similar to how he did in Series 1, he drove the story-line so immediate kudos for that. Five often shows that he’s ahead of the game, and is constantly questioned by his younger siblings who appear older. You can really feel the frustration! Ultimately this is due to the part being brilliantly played (by Aidan Gallagher) – so much so that we are all much more compelled to listen to him and his plans. You could really see his inner… old person.

Character Highlight: His incredible killing spree at the Commission board meeting, and his encounter with his former self, where he starts to get a little “paradox psychosis”.

Umbrella Academy Members Ranked
Credit: Netflix

1) Klaus

Everything about Klaus is GOD DAMN PERFECT – even his character flaws! I was so invested in his perfectly messed up relationship with “1960’s” Dave – the poor lamb! He’s completely untrustworthy so when people need to trust him they don’t, he doesn’t really have a clue what he wants (like most of us) and he speaks to my millennial soul. After managing to become a cult leader, he couldn’t even do that for too long without becoming disillusioned and running away. He’s also hilarious throughout and an absolute style icon with his non-binary, punk-goth edge.

Character Highlight: Literally every time he graces our screens to be honest.

Klaus Funny Quote Umbrella Academy
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What did you think of the new series? Do you agree with my rankings?

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  1. Mariah Kaercher
    9th August 2020

    This show is on my Netflix list! I have heard it’s so good. I did skim through a lot of this post due to spoilers, but I do want to watch the show!

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