Nerds on Tour: ArtBox – Gudetama Cafe, Brighton

WHERE TO BEGIN?! I had an absolutely excellent time (no I shan’t be using any egg based puns) at the Gudetama themed cafe in Brighton! It was so cute that I just couldn’t keep the smile off my face every time something new came to the table.
Here’s why I’d highly recommend it!

As a millennial, Gudetama speaks directly to my soul – that lazy egg is a true reflection of me on… well… most days. But not today! As I approached the Gudetama cafe, I was already buzzing with excitement and, in true blogger fashion, made sure to get pictures outside while it was empty!

Getting Take-Out from Gudetama Cafe

We’d heard that that Artbox cafe got very busy, so my friends and I got there super early and booked in a table for 3 for lunch! We were lucky as it was very quiet but I’d recommend going early in the morning and booking for a slot if you plan to visit in the summer!

First of all we had take-out in the morning, just so we could experience all the cafe had to offer and then came back in the afternoon. My friend had an amazing banana and espresso ice-cream cone, and I had (my favourite!) a strawberry bubble tea. I was already very impressed and eager to come back by this point!

Gudetama Cafe Artbox

Lunch with the Lazy Egg

We decided to go ALL out and get one of everything for lunch. Luckily, my friends and I all wanted different menu options, so I could write about it all… mwahaha. The food was ever so beautifully presented, and REALLY tasty too. Get ready to SQUEE at these amazing savory dishes which all tasted incredible!

Gudetama Sailor (Tomato and Basil) Soup
Sleepy Time Toastie – complete with Cheesy ZZZ’s
Gudetama Hot Doggo with Fries

And for Dessert…

From top to bottom, my dessert – the Mango Cheesecake! It was made from tofu but honestly, you couldn’t even tell as it was so creamy – I didn’t even realise until I looked back at the menu. It came with a macaroon and some mango sorbet! My friend got himself a mango waffle, which was covered in sorbet, syrup and popping bubbles!

Finally, my other friend opted for the “Pick your own” sundae, where you had a choice of a pink flavour, a yellow flavour and a white flavour sorbet… Because you know, otherwise you’d ruin the aesthetic! My friend also said it was the best sundae she’d ever tasted.

Gudetama Cafe Artbox
Gudetama Cafe Waffle
Gudetama Cafe Artbox Sundae

Afterwards, we had a look in the shop downstairs and I bought a few bits and pieces. There was so much merch there but I’d already spent tons of money (since Brighton is one of my favourite places to shop) and I’m still here for 2 more days yet! So I only got 3 face masks, an Aggretsuko lip balm and some Gudetama chocolate… and that’s ALL, okay?

As we had 2 courses and drinks it cost around £20 each, which I think was really good for such a niche, themed cafe! Absolutely cannot wait to see what theme Artbox goes with next… I’m kinda hoping for an Aggretsuko cafe but I know that there are more popular Sanrio characters to come first!

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  1. Stacey
    12th April 2020

    This place looks amazing!!!!!!

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