Christmas Convention Crashing: Stratford Comic Con

It was lovely to finally get to a smaller convention in 2018. I am used to going to the MCM Comic Con in Birmingham or London, and sometimes they can be a little overwhelming. However, at Stratford Comic Con* the room was bustling with the same lovely atmosphere of a larger con, but without the annoying queues!  There are always perks to visiting a smaller comic con…

I find that people at smaller comic cons make a lot more effort with their costumes. They tend to be the people who dress up for the love of it and not just for the photos/publicity and some of the costumes there were brilliantly authentic. I think if you cosplay for the first time, it’s ideal to go to a smaller con first to test out the reaction your costume gets!

Another perk I’ve found is you can go around calmly and chat to the people who are selling things. People love their small businesses and I like taking the time to find out who really believes in their creations (without the crowds pushing in around me to get a better look.) 

Just a few of my favourite vendors at Stratford Comic Con!

There was a brilliant selection of nerdy gifts and goodies at Stratford Comic Con but these were the ones I picked out as my select favourites! I went a bit mad and returned 3 times to Mythical Studios for more and more D’n’D related artwork. I also really admired the work that went into the beautiful cross-stitch frames (above) of Bright Lights Stitch Co. Some of her designs took me back to my childhood!

My Dn’D party and I recently nearly got killed by an OwlBear so, I couldn’t help but buy this pin!

There was a huge selection of things to buy at Stratford Comic Con, from American Candy to comic books, from nerdy artwork to 80’s Sci-Fi Memorabilia. I even got a free print on the door when pre-booking. I’ll definitely be attending again in the summer!


  1. Mariah Kaercher
    9th December 2018

    I love smaller cons. It’s less overwhelming and I often love them more than some of the bigger cons.

  2. Nat
    9th December 2018

    Aww this con looked amazing! 😀

    See I went to Birmingham Comic Con recently and whilst I enjoyed it, it was so… Boring! :S The place was lacking what it has previous years and it’s such a shame. 🙁

    I do rather like smaller cons and have been to a few now. 🙂 I definitely plan to visit more smaller ones next year.

    1. Amy_Ether
      9th December 2018

      Hi Nat, thanks for your comment! I have to say, I agree. I went to Birmingham MCM in November and it just wasn’t the same. I feel like it’s lost some of it’s appeal! I think these smaller places allow smaller businesses the ability to get their stalls out into the public, so there’s more variety!

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