12 Gifts of Christmas – The Best Nerdy Gifts from Coventry Local Businesses and Beyond*

For me, Christmas isn’t about “hauls”… It’s about giving back, and trying to spread a little joy! So for my Christmas countdown I’ve decided to promote some of my favourite Coventry local businesses and beyond in my new Geeky Christmas Countdown!

These are people who I genuinely want to affiliate myself with and endorse fully. They are brands I love, local and distant, that I have worked with before, I know the owners of, or I just feel deserve your time! I decided to write my shortlist of 12 Nerdy Gifts for Geeks on the countdown to Christmas.

Coventry Local Businesses

1. Vegan Candles from Olivia Thomas Handmade*

Olivia was kind enough to let me try out some of her beautiful soy vegan candles – who doesn’t love a guilt-free gift! They smelled absolutely incredible in Black Opium and Plum and Rhubarb scents – perfectly relaxing for a Christmas night in. You can find them at FarGo Village if you’re local to Coventry, or on Amazon here.
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2. Spacey Craft Kits by Craftiv8

I first collaborated with Craftiv8 earlier this year when we talked about their innovative new crafting material Galactic Plastic. Obviously with a name like that I just had to get involved! It’s super scientific and a wonderfully versatile material to craft with. You can buy your first pack and get started on making those Christmas cards with a space-age twist![/su_column][/su_row]
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3. December’s Coventry Pin by Etch and Pin*

After getting a bit of a pin addiction and working with Aaron earlier this year, I was really taken by the quality of the pins. They each represented the little things we love about our city! If you buy one, in turn he helps to support local charities by donating £1 for every badge sold to a different charity each month![/su_column][/su_row]

And Beyond…

Magic Alley Harry Potter Small Business Geeky Gifts
Scarf, Luna Charm, Iron on Patches and Necklace all from Magic Alley!

4. Wizarding Jewellery by Magic Alley*

Magic Alley are a seller of all things wizardry. I absolutely loved the little things he’s sent to me this Christmas, particularly the little Luna! I first met Nathan at MCM Comic Con London and he’s kindly given my readers a discount code off his store this Christmas! Use the code HP-Christmas at the checkout for December to get 20% off all jewellery!

5. Personalised Frames and Baubles by Bespoke Paper-cuts

I used to work with Sophie and was always very impressed with the intricacy and level of detail that went into her designs! She’s now opened a paper-craft business, where she sells these amazingly intricate paper-cut baubles and frames, made to order. Check out here work get something for that special someone!

6. D’n’D Dice by CasPollux

Some of you may recall how I’ve taken up D’n’D as a new hobby and I am utterly addicted now! You can get some absolutely beautiful D’n’D related merch from CasPollux, and they’ve given us all an exclusive discount off their products using the code “intotheether” for 20% off! Just take a look at some of these beautiful Arcane Trickster dice! I’m in love!

Coventry Local Artists

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7. Saturn Earrings by BekBekMakes*

I’ve met Bek a few times at various craft fairs and handmade stalls – her products have a lovely look and she’s so committed to her designs. They’re so unique and cute! After I bought a stunning little Saturn necklace that I rarely leave home without, she was lovely enough to trial out a pair of matching earrings for me! So you’ve seen it here first – and I love them!

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””]Filthy Muggle Card LizJOwen Etsy Harry Potter[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””]

8. Hand-lettered creations by LizJOwen

Lizzie is one of my best friends so obviously I am a little biased but, seriously, this girl has talent! She juggles a full time job, freelances, has an Etsy store and a fashion blog – I don’t understand how she manages it! Her Etsy store is full of nerdy little prints, Christmas cards and badges – check out what she’s got available now![/su_column][/su_row]

9. Commissioned Art by Angus Medford 

Angus is probably the biggest geek I know – he’s devoted his creativity to comic books and his own crazy character creations. He’s done a few commissions for me before and he loves to be challenged so, drop him a message and see what he can create for you!

Geeky Gifts Exclusively at FarGo

Rock n Roller Parlour Christmas Gifts

10. Vegan Hair Products by Rock ‘n’ Roller Parlour

I’ve never known a hairdresser more lovely than Nat! Her parlour is one of a kind, just full of her personality complete with a vintage twist. One thing I love about her (other than her fantastic hairdressing skills) is she takes the time to give back. Pop into the salon with some kids gifts to donate to Mission Christmas! (While you’re there you could go wild and treat yourself to some of vegan hair products from MUK too!)

11. DC Canvasses by Sgt. Bilko’s Vintage Emporium

This is not your average Comic book store – the products range from all things modern to some really cool old stuff you just can’t get anymore! Vintage figurines and comic books mix with the latest releases. I particularly love their canvases and original artworks. You can also find them at FarGo Village.
And last, but by no means least…

12. ALL OF THE BOOKS from The Big Comfy Book Shop

What better way to spend a winter’s evening than curled up with a book? And where better to find a decently priced one than Michael’s shop. It is full to burst with all sorts from the archaic old novels to the latest releases. I’ve worked with The Big Comfy Bookshop a lot over the last few years, and they deserve a visit!

*Some of these companies were kind enough to gift me their products after I offered to include them in my gift guide post.*
These ones I have highlighted with a star because they are all stars!

Have a lovely Christmas!


  1. Shane
    4th December 2018

    Aww, brilliant post!
    I’m now inspired to do some Geek Christmas gift purchasing… and buy ALL OF THE BOOKS at The Big Comfy Bookshop so I can build myself a book throne to sit on 😀

  2. DesignTypeGeek
    4th December 2018

    Got here from your Instagram post and now wishing I was closer to Coventry… Didn’t know Liz was there too!

    I’m not even on the same continent!

    1. Amy_Ether
      5th December 2018

      Haha! Yeah, we are friends ^_^ It’s a small world (ish) – I’d still encourage you to shop locally to you! 🙂

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