YES, we’re still doing New Year’s Resolutions

I always like to take the opportunity to reflect at this time of year and see how I got on with my NY resolutions last year, since I usually make them and then never look at them again. So, of course, I am making some more today too!

I’d say 2023 was a roller-coaster but it was more like a slow decline into a pit. I’m feeling a lot better since my last post, but ultimately I know I’ve still got a way to go and as my wise friend told me the other day – it’s a road that I’ll have to keep travelling and won’t end so, I might as well be comfortable on the way.

With that said, I reviewed my resolutions for last year and I am happy to say I stuck to most of them. In true form though, the one practical resolution I completely forgot about – I didn’t even start my ’20 things’ challenge properly but I did unintentionally complete some… I wrote a video essay (yet to be published), I visited York on my own little trip away, I went to Download Festival and attended so many witch gatherings that I lost count. I started a journal which has helped map my improvements in my mental health. I even drank more water every day!

I also did loads of things that weren’t even on the list, so, go me. I got myself a new job. I started making a dolls house (and it’s coming along nicely!). I read 35 novels out of my GoodReads goal of 40, smashing my original goal of 12, which isn’t bad for a stressy-depressy-brain-fogged-messy like me. So in light of all of this, I’ve decided to set some intentions rather than rules. Writing it out in this way hopefully means I will manifest things a little more, rather than setting goals that I won’t complete!

Good things will come my way for 2024!

I am kind.

That means to myself as well as others. There’s no use trying to pour from an empty cup and for the majority of the last year that’s what I’ve been trying to do. I would like to be kinder to myself, spending less energy on things that do not serve me, and more on things that will make me feel good and therefore give me more energy to give to friends and loved ones.

I am a witch.

All my second guessing about myself has led to me detaching myself from other witches and being in a place where I feel a bit lost. I’ve persevered and tried my best to keep the spirit alive within me and my house, but it’s hard to feel powerful when your self esteem is on the floor. So, this year I’m going to keep living along with the Wheel of the Year as it really did help me these last few years, try to get back into women’s circles and gatherings and keep embracing my witchy ways.

I accept myself and my foibles.

Last year I set a goal of ‘being present’ as I was upset that I was so on auto-pilot, brain fogged or in my own world most of the time and forgot how to really appreciate the little things. But this year, I am working on getting an ADHD diagnosis and it’s been recorded as very likely that I have it by a psychiatrist so – I am going to give myself a break. I try REALLY hard to be how I think I should be and don’t spend enough time enjoying and embracing who I am.

I am fiscally responsible.

I have NEVER been good with money. But by the GODS, if I don’t stop buying objects (despite the instant gratification) I am going to end up with no room in my house. I want to spend my money more on experiences and really living – even if that means I don’t have any more shiny objects. I don’t really have any money as it is, so I’ve got to get better and I know I can!

I cherish my life.

Lots of great things happened this year with friends, despite them being fewer this year and my energy levels not exactly permitting me to do much more. The main mistake I made was not cherishing those light and wonderful times to help me get through the dark times. So this year, I want to cherish what I do, what my friends and I experience together, and all the time we spend with one another.

Thanks for reading if you got this far, as this is very much a self-reflection post. This year is not yet over, but I am signing off for 2023 now so I can spend it with my partner, family and friends. Take care of yourself this Christmas and New Year. x

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