Pride and Prejudice (Sort of) Review

Once again an astounding show is put on at the Belgrade Theatre as we launch into their Spring schedule. Pride and Prejudice (Sort Of) is not to be missed.

Disclaimer: Press review

The five women playing the entire cast of Pride and Prejudice (Sort Of) had me howling with laughter from start to finish, while also managing to keep the honest intensity of a romance. It was incredible. It had the same cadence as an adult pantomime – wonderfully charming, with some light audience participation that kept you engaged all the way through.

It was quite funny to hear the cast talk in character about the need for women in the regency era to know how to sing, write, dance, paint so they could be matched with suitors, while simultaneously marvelling at how these multi-talented women captivated us on stage. They could all play instruments, dance, sing and act impeccably!

Image courtesy of Belgrade Theatre

I was astounded by the fact that all of them played at least three characters each, (other than Elizabeth as she was the protagonist). What powerful and talented women! An accidental mic drop, only added to the ambience and joviality of the night and fit in perfectly with the controlled chaos on stage. After all, following that performance, a mic drop was all that was needed. Bravo!

The visuals were excellent and I am endlessly impressed at how immersive it can be with the right stage direction and props so, bravo to the creative team too. The costume changes were swift and the entire play was mechanically flawless.

Overall, a hilarious retelling of a classic novel, with strong and memorable re-imaginings of characters and rearranging of popular songs to compliment it – quite honestly, a masterpiece of modern theatre!

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