My Year in Witchery so far

Hello everyone! I’ve been experimenting with more spell work now that my house is properly cleansed and it feels a lot more like my own. Just wanted to make a little diary entry on how that’s going, including a spell for International Women’s Day!

I’ve recently been gifted an old cabinet by my grandma which is perfect as an altar for my spell-work and for keeping all my witchy items in. What used to be a cabinet within a courtroom kitchen, dating back to 1901, is now my altar! I don’t think I will ever get rid of this cabinet – it’s very precious to me! It did need a BIG cleanse though – a thorough sage cleanse to get rid of the bad vibes, ya know?

I have missed Imbolc already (because of course I have) but I am prepping for Ostara already, and I am really looking forward to attending the Coven of Gaia festival again this May. I’ve booked a ton of workshops again and I am looking forward to trying to meet new people this year.

I’ve recently subscribed and bought tons of old items from WitchCasket (which is a witchy subscription service). I’ve stocked up on loads of tools, herbs, candles and spell components that I’ll need for my rituals etc. and they fit so nicely. I think I will do a separate post with witchy essentials I’ve received from them!

So anyway, spells. The latest spell I’m doing is in preparation for International Women’s Day, where I have made small witch bottles to protect and give various blessings to all my lovely lady friends, my girlfriend and myself, and giving thanks for all of them. I’m looking forward to giving them all to their intended recipients! I’ve put up my method at the bottom of the post!

I’ve been resting a lot recently and getting my house in order, ready for my new job later in March. I’ve got to try and get my brain back into gear of working, after 2 months of being unemployed! It’s been really fun having the time to do things like this and I am looking forward to making more time for it again in the coming weeks, in smaller ways.

A spell for International Women’s Day


  • Tarot cards that represent the women you’d like to give thought to (or printed photographs of them)
  • Candles of various colours
  • Small bottles with corks
  • Herbs and stones with correspondences to the types of well wishes you’d like to give to your lovely ladies
  • Dried flowers
  • Paper and a pen


  1. Ground yourself, light your ritual candles and cast a circle
  2. One by one, choose a woman in your life to focus on and put their tarot card / photograph on your altar
  3. Choose the well wishes you’d like to give to this person, and choose a stone, a herb, a coloured wax and a flower that corresponds with those wishes
  4. Fill your bottles with a small amount of each of these items, while listening to a song that reminds you of that person and thinking of what you wish for them
  5. Write an intention on a tiny piece of paper and roll it up and put it inside the bottle too for example “Health and happiness for ‘name of person’, so mote it be”
  6. Seal the bottle with the coloured wax you chose
  7. Put all these items onto your altar in preparation to give them out to your friends when you see them / send them in time for International Women’s Day with an explanation of what you’ve put in the jars

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