Papergang Box Review: September’s Space Themed Box

I just wanted to tell you about September’s Papergang Box by OhhDeer – a subscription service for stationery lovers! I live for space themed goodies and so this box seemed like it was made for me – plus I got it for the tidy price of £7 as it was my first box! Bargain!

Does anyone else just love receiving surprises? For me, subscription services can make me a little anxious (what if it’s rubbish? what if I forget to unsubscribe in time if I don’t want to repeat it?) but I’ve purchased from OhhDeer so many times that I felt really happy that their stuff was great quality, and also – it’s space themed. So of course, it feels like it was made for me!

I ordered the September box in August, as they ship from the 5th of the new month. As I mentioned, it was an introductory price so I was really happy to snatch up the opportunity! It arrived within a week and I was so excited to open it! Are you ready to see what was inside?

Orange tissue paper! Hooray! JK – everything was wrapped up really neatly and safely in the box, with some epic space themed wrapping paper slotted in the back that is WAY too good to wrap presents in (soz, friends.) I love the way that the orange complimented the space design and made everything pop – some really good aesthetic choices here. Bravo.

Now onto the contents. Instantly my eye was drawn to what could only be an enamel pin and turning it over I realised it was a little astronaut! Off to a strong start! Sifting through the box, I was super happy to find two cute greeting cards which will be perfect for a special someone, a mini star-speckled month calendar and PLANET STICKERS. I am a girl of simple tastes, and stickers are one of the things which bring me the ultimate joy.

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Last but not least, the biggest (likely most expensive) part of the box was a “Deep thoughts” hardback fabric notebook. It’s just the kind I’ve come to expect from OhhDeer (I love their fabric covered notepads!) so I was really happy with this! Not only this – it’s got TINY SQUARED PAPER IN IT. UGH. Are you also a notebook hoarder? I might have to do a post about my favourite notepads that I am too afraid to use!

It also contained a little booklet which had a little interview with the artist, Jack Carter, and also had a handy little DIY tutorial which I may have to try – how to turn an old tote bag into an enamel pin banner. I might have to give that a go, as I’ve been feeling quite crafty lately and have tons of enamel pins.

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Overall I was really happy with the contents of this box! And for the introductory price, it was an absolute steal as it was shipped out free within the UK too. Now for absolute honesty – I am one of those naughty people who subscribes and unsubscribes to services as and when they interest me. So for me, I’ve paused my subscription and I will check out what the next month’s box will be! I would definitely not begrudge paying the full price for something I was really interested in and overall this box gets a massive YES from me!

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  1. Nat
    19th September 2020

    This box is SO YOU! 😀 It was such a bargain at £7 too, you get loads for the money. 🙂

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