Day out at CovCon 2022!

I had such a fun day yesterday at CovCon – we spent a few hours wandering round the stalls and ahem… buying too many things!

I really enjoy CovCon – I went back in 2019 before the pandemic and it was a lovely, smaller convention. It felt really comfortable and manageable… the walk from the car wasn’t ridiculously long like it is at MCM – plus the size of the con meant more small businesses could afford to participate, which is always good!

Unfortunately as a young(ish) person, I didn’t really know any of the guests? But I think that perhaps the appeal of the guests was to the older and more niche crowd, while the millennial and below crowd enjoyed the cosplay, photo-ops and buying things!

I always try to support some independent artists when I go to these kinds of events, and so I made sure to buy a sticker, postcard, earrings – anything I can do to make sure they know they’re appreciated! I also bought myself some new D&D figurines aaaaand… *drum roll* a GIANT BOBA PLUSHIE.

I got lots of compliments on my outfit and dress today even though it’s about… 10 years old! Ya gotta love a classic! I also wore my progress flag pin badge too. I felt really pretty actually, more-so than I have in quite a while! My friends and I went on to get noodles at FarGo Village and then spent the evening playing D&D. I am rekindling my Icewind Dale campaign after a 5 month hiatus, so I’m excited to get that going again!

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♡ Outfit rundown ♡
Colourblock cardigan – Shein
Dress – HellBunny (OLD)
Facemask – Blippo
Tights – Snag
Shoes – LaModa (Second hand)
Progress pin – Roxie Sweetheart
Necklace – Shein
Glasses – GlassesDirect

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