Ookily spookily: My Halloween Wish-list!

In a vain attempt to quench my thirst for new things, I decided to compile a list of spooky items on my Halloween wish-list! I have decided to also include some bits and pieces that I’ve managed to get hold of already (in another attempt to tell myself… look at how much shit you’ve already got…)

1. Spooky stickers – Frankengoop

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a bit of a sticker obsession. I buy so many stickers for my planner that I need a filing system for my stickers… When I found Frankengoop on Instagram, I pretty much grabbed one of every planner sticker set they had, so I could spookify my whole year… but I always want more.

2. Halloween Welcome Mat – Killstar / TK Maxx

To have a welcome mat, one really needs to have a house. Currently, as my boyfriend and I we save for a mortgage (or trip to Japan), we’re living with my mother who does not share my aesthetic for well… *dramatic hand gestures*. Here are a few welcome mats on my wishlist… maybe for next year!

Left: TK Maxx ~ Right: Killstar

3. Lush Halloween Range

So, Lush is very expensive. Last year I pretty much exclusively spent my evenings in the bath, but now that I have some semblance of a life again, I just ain’t got time for that. That said, as soon as I saw these three items together in my basket… I had an EPIC idea for a photoshoot. So I bought them.

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4. All-year-round gothy homeware

One rule that I have this year, in an attempt to curb my need for the spooky, is that I want the things I buy to be relevant in my home all year round. If I wouldn’t display it throughout the whole year, I’ve decided to not buy it! Here are just a few bits I from TK Maxx, where I’ve found perfect stuff to goth up my home all year…but I want moreeeeee.

5. Halloween by Shein

I am a recent convert to Shein. At first I was a bit reluctant but everything that I got from there has been really well made and exactly my style. Plus, their plus sizing is great. When they released their spooky season range it was VERY HARD for me not to just put a heck load of stuff in my basket. Here are a mixture of some of the things I wish I could get (I am going to do an outfit post of the things I did get!)

6. To be able to celebrate Halloween to the fullest!

So this is a bit of an abstract for a Halloween wish-list, but last year Halloween activities were essentially cancelled due to a third lock-down starting in the UK… and it detracted from all the enjoyment I usually feel around this time of year! I get S.A.D (on top of my run-of-the-mill D) and so it really helps to surround myself with things that bring my joy, and activities with my friends.

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Of course, there’s more and more popping up all the time that I’d love to get my hands on!

What is on your Halloween wish-list? 🦇🎃

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