Midweek trip to West Midlands Safari Park

Who doesn’t love animals? I had a bit of holiday to use up and so Niall and I had a date for our anniversary at the West Midlands Safari Park. Such a perfect way to spend the day – and I got some amazing encounters with the animals too!

As it was a proper date day, I opted for something cute and pastel. I got some nice compliments from strangers which always makes me feel good too! I spent about 90% of the day driving but it was still nice to feel cute. West Midlands Safari Park and Zoo has such a lovely array of animals that you can have one on one time with as you go around the park. We started off with the safari and we had such a lovely time watching the lions and feeding the herbivores (even if they did slobber all over my car and hands).

♡ Outfit breakdown ♡
Raincoat – Boohoo (old)
Dress – Shein
Bag – Blippo
Shoes – Primark

We went into the Lorikeet landing section and the birds landed all over us to try and get the nectar from our little pots. Niall had never experienced this before, but I’d done it when I came here way back in 2017. However, I didn’t manage to get any pictures of me with the birds that time, so I’m glad I did yesterday!

Everything is super expensive in the park (£2.20 for Walkers crisps, I ask you?!) so take your own bottles of water and snacks for sure! The waffles and icecream were really tasty and I do recommend them though if you need a bite to eat. We sat near the penguins and ate our lunch before waddling over to the back of the park where we came face to face with meerkats. They were so cute keeping their butts warm under the heaters!

The sealion show was cute and fun, and the trainers seemed really happy to be there and work with the animals (what an excellent career move!). My favourite talk definitely was the lemurs though, because they were jumping all around us and got so close!

Safari Park Lemur Experience

It was a perfect day, with clear skies and crisp Spring air and barely anyone there (which was great for us!) We loved every minute of it. We get to return for free before September, so we’ll have to take full advantage of that! We also went for a meal at Turtle Bay in the evening to celebrate and had some cheeky midweek cocktails which was super tasty and made me so full I couldn’t move!

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