Witchy Beginnings – Initial reflections on my new path

I am a witch – there I said it. ‘Coming out’ is always tough when you’re starting out in witchcraft. Witchy communities can often feel gatekeeper-y and non-witches can often not understand your practices… But there we are! Here’s to the start of my journey. *clink*

I’ve always dabbled in the past with spellcasting, meditation, spiritual healing, and tarot reading, the latter being something I’ve kept up now for years and years. What’s funny is I was trying to look at potential pictures for this post and almost all my old pictures could be used. It’s like witchcraft has followed me around just waiting for me to embrace it!

Almost everything I’m drawn to or have been drawn to in the past have almost culminated in this point. My connection with nature. Ancient sites and places of historical significance. Space. Even things like… Dungeons and Dragons. Harry Potter. Gothic fashion. It almost seems like witchcraft is a conclusion I’m making after years of tiptoeing around it.

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How did I get here?

I recently happened upon a book called Rebel Witch by Kelly-Ann Maddox, which helped me to understand witchcraft like no other book has before. It helped me to understand how to fit my practice around my time constraints, physical and mental abilities and ultimately made me realise that it’s okay to dabble, to feel more connected to certain tools than others and to not necessarily follow a strict path.

Today I had an excellent experience at Coventry Library with my two pals, looking at the lives of witches and all the older practices and tools that they used to use. I felt quite detached from a lot of these (perhaps just due to the nature of them being very old) but it did teach me more about what works for me!

Like any belief system, there are things I do believe in and understand to be true and some things I don’t within witchcraft and it just intrigues me and its something I am eager to explore. I’m at a kick off point in my journey which I’m choosing to share (which I admit is quite intimidating!). I doubt I’ll share the more personal details of my beliefs and practices here but it’s nice to mark the start of a new journey and I’ll be sure to update my blog with my experiences.

Anyway, I’m really excited to start my witchy beginnings! I’m doing my first ritual this weekend in preparation for International Women’s Day on Tuesday and I’ll be welcoming the Spring Equinox in some ancient woodland. I’m so excited to explore this more!

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