Going Solo to MDWAP Live: The Podcast Everyone loves but No-one talks about.

MDWAP Live SouthBank Centre

“My Dad Wrote a Porno” was my gateway into podcasts. It’s a podcast that no-one has spoken to me about, other than the person who shared it with me or the people I shared it with, and I didn’t realise it was so worldly renowned. However, when I mentioned the other night on Facebook that I went to see My Dad Wrote a Porno Live (MDWAP Live), so many fans came out of the woodwork!

For those who aren’t familiar with this podcast – it’s the best! 3 friends getting together to discuss one of their dad’s (lovingly rubbish) smutty self-published novels, “Belinda Blinked.”


Of course, this podcast is completely NSFW… however most of its audience will listen on their commute or with headphones in the office. Believe me, it’s risky business – this is the only podcast that’s made me actually laugh uncontrollably in public.

The book follows the life of Belinda Blumenthal during her sales “career” at Steels’ Pots and Pans and all her escapades with her customers and staff alike. But why is this so funny? Well the beloved author, Rocky Flintstone, has no concept of the female anatomy, building a story-line or character profile OR actually writing arousing literature. So who better to read his masterpiece than… his son.

Southbank Centre London

Visiting the Southbank Centre, London, I headed off into a world of smut and hilarity all on my own. It did not disappoint. The mood was set with entrance music like “I touch myself”, “Let’s get Physical” and “The Thong Song”. Everything was so wonderfully choreographed that it seemed like a natural first time reading with friends… with 2500 strangers all watching.

We were all laughing along with the in-jokes that have been built up throughout the podcast as they read an unpublished chapter. I don’t want to give you any spoilers of the main event, so just go if you get the chance! The main thing I took from the night was the freedom that MDWAP Live gave me to speak to strangers about utter crap. Going solo (pun intended) on this trip meant I spoke to people I’d otherwise have never had a chance to meet.

So, thank you to…

The lady next to me who laughed uncontrollably and infectiously. The man from Seattle on business who just HAD to see the show on his 4 day trip. The lady who ran for the train with me and who I shared a bottle of wine with when we missed it. These people, I never would have met if I’d not been alone that evening and it has made me realise I’d love to go it alone more often!


  1. Kate Loves Travel
    6th October 2017

    That sounds like lots of fun, I love going to live performances!
    I may have to go and check out the podcast – sounds hilarious!
    Kate x

  2. Dan
    6th October 2017

    Hilarious. 🙂

  3. Rocky Flintstone
    26th May 2019

    Hey Amy Turner…. big thanks… what a lovely thoughtful piece of writing…. I thank you so much…. you will meet your “special one” one day… jus sayin…. Rocky xxxx

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