A Good Vintage: A Quick Guide to Goodwood Revival

Goodwood Revival has always been my home from home. As some of you may know, I adore 1940’s and 50’s attire, so once a year I get to dress in the most beautiful vintage dresses and head off into a festival entirely set in the past. This year was no exception and Goodwood was just as enjoyable as ever. I would say the weather definitely put a dampener on it but you can’t help that!

Vintage Zaftig Girl

Goodwood Revival has changed so much over the years I’ve been there. It seems to have gained popularity with casual festival-goers and in turn, they’re popping up more VIP areas… Coincidence? Perhaps not.

However, there are the same vibes flowing through those crowds as there always has been! Everyone is encouraged to dress up and get involved and they keep introducing new things all the time. If you don’t wear period style dress to the event I am basically disowning you now, sorry not sorry.

So what’s involved?

If like me, you’re traveling by train then you can get an old vintage shuttle bus from Chichester station to the event which just gets you in the mood for the rest of the day. Then once you’re safely through the barriers you can find everything vintage you could ever wish for.

The festival is split into 3 sections. On the right side of the bridge is where you’ll find tons of vintage cars parked that belong to the festival-goers, a huge market full of clothes, original artwork and food stalls and an entire vintage fairground.

Goodwood Revival

On the left of the bridge, you’ll find an entire Americana section with live music playing all day, loads more vintage vehicles on show and a small village that’s been set up to look like real 40s-60s shops. This is also where you can stand on the outer track and watch the races and air displays.

Mint Vintage Fiat 500 Goodwood Revival
I found my spirit animal!

Once you go through the race track tunnel into the centre you’ll find all the racing paddocks, places to dance or get your hair/makeup done, and all the old aircraft There’s just so much to see, and I’ve never been all the way around the track as it’s just so big!

I could tell you tons more about all there is to see at Goodwood Revival but sometimes descriptions aren’t enough. You need to go there for yourself!

More pictures from Goodwood Revival

Goodwood Revival Thunderbird

Goodwood Revival Parade

Goodwood Revival

Goodwood Revival Mini

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