Nerds on Tour: Rest, Relaxation and Llamas

When visiting Faster Lente Llamas this weekend- a glamping site with added llamas – I finally exhaled. I felt like the breath that I’d been holding for the past few weeks had finally been released. It was tranquil, it was blissful… and there were llamas. I invite you to explore this amazing experience vicariously through me, and then maybe go and try it for yourself.

Lately, I’ve been really stressed with work, and generally not been able to do the things I normally would (like go out and spend time with friends as much), so my mental health has been a roller-coaster! I am sure I’m not alone in that. But this weekend getaway, staying on a farm surrounded by llamas and other farm animals was an incredible experience that I will never forget – not to mention it was the most mindful weekend I’ve had in a long time.

A warm welcome

We arrived to a homely caravan, a small summerhouse with views over the llama field and a lovely welcome basket with tea, biscuits, bread and milk. We had also opted for the optional extras of pre-made cream teas and a box of meat for the barbecue from the local butcher, AND the use of the pre-warmed hot tub!

We immediately cracked open the drinks, settled in and got into the hot tub. The rest of the time was spent popping meat on the barbecue and chatting to the inquisitive animals! Honestly, by the end of the first night I felt the tension physically leave my body – and my boyfriend said he could see the difference in my face.

The caravan itself was a little vintage number, set with all the things you could possibly need and a really cosy and comfy bed that we just couldn’t get out of in the mornings! It was amazing to lie in bed and have the outside world right by your head as you woke up to the crisp morning air. We ate our cream teas for breakfast in the summer house – and relaxed. Truly relaxed.

A truly therapeutic weekend

On the second night, the skies were completely clear and we got an incredible view of the stars which, for October, was so lucky. Although I am very impressed with my phone’s camera here, it just didn’t do the sky justice! It was so romantic, and we just sat in the hot tub (for the third time in 2 days) in the darkness, drinking wine and chatting the night away.

Before we left on the final morning, the hosts came out to show us how they care for the llamas, tell us a little about llamas and we got to feed them ourselves! Some of them were even taught to do things, like give tiny gentle “kisses” They were the sweetest, most docile creatures I’ve ever come across. They were cheeky and playful, and once you’d looked into their eyes and bonded with them for a bit, being with them was actually really mindful!

A cool llama fact for you

One incredible thing I learned is that when a llama spits on another llama (for example, if one gets angry because the other steals all the food), the one who was spat on becomes “gobsmacked”. This means they literally stand with their mouths open and are unable to close them. It’s so funny to see, as they stand there looking shocked at the audacity of the other llama!

Overall, it was a getaway filled with laughter, home comforts, bright mornings, starry nights, animal friends, great food and hot bubbles. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to get away from the stresses of the world for a while. We even were given some little parting gifts from the hosts at Faster Lente Llamas – a little keepsake to remember a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much to you both, we will be back again!

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